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How far back can you trace your symptom?

Hey, people. It’s been a while but I’m feeling introspective and have been thinking about my childhood a lot recently. With the 20/20 hindsight goggles I can clearly see that I started experiencing symptoms when I was a junior at primary school. I can only be sure because the pins and needles in my right leg suddenly started happening one day when we were sat cross-legged on the floor for morning assembly but the oldest kids – 10/11 – sat on benches, so I couldn’t have been that old yet.
Since that day, I still can’t really sit cross legged.
My insomnia also started at primary school but secondary school is when that really got its moment to shine.
I was maybe 14/15 when I first noticed the l’hermitte’s, 17 when I started having dizzy spells and spasms in my arm and 18 when I had the ON attack that led to diagnosis.

It had always been a running joke that I was clumsy and that bits of my body would twitch or shake – I’m looking at you, Disco Leg – but it had never occured to me that they were in any way linked.
The very dea of Multiple Sclerosis came out of nowhere: I’d heard of it but all that I knew was that it involved wheelchairs so it never had any relevance to my life. Who knew that it would become the most relevant thing in my life?

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5 months ago

Hi there, funny you should mention that; I always thought that my diagnosis (3 years ago) came out of the blue; but one day I remembered that I had an episode of L’Hermittes sign 22 years ago! I guess it can be easy to attribute everything to our diagnosis. I like that you refer to this thing as the most relevant, and not the most important! Have a good day 🙂

5 months ago

@highheeledfagin , my earliest symptom was in my early teens, or it may have been even further back, when I got migraines.

I know, are migraines connected with MS. Well, there is a link, both are not yet understood and both are incurable.

But, my migraines stopped in my late 20s, not long before I acquired a Footdrop problem……

5 months ago

Thinking back there were symptoms before my first official symptom of Optic Neuritis in 1998. About five years before I experienced choking/swallowing problems and pins & needles in my hand. Both times I reported these to my GP but they weren’t investigated. I doubt that it would have affected the outcome though. Knowing earlier would have destroyed me. At least I had five years of ignorant bliss.

5 months ago

I think most MSers had MS years before they were diagnosed because initial symptoms are usually not strong so we ignore them. I was diagnosed last year, but I remember three years ago my legs started freezing for no reason. And I remember chocking on water sometimes. My personality changed and I was depressed all the time. I remember feeling like something was wrong but didn’t know what it was.

5 months ago

I started to notice cognitive decline/symptoms when I was 16/17. Started to get a lot more anxious too although I didn’t really think anything of it then. Now I’m 27 and here we are

5 months ago

so youmg. there ised to be a big toy kids shall sot on amd turn it arounf. O isrd to hey vertigo like feeliing once it moves a lottlr
couldn’t pplsy cup game on thrme park because ot moves arounf
couldnt climb on the kindergarten mu aunt used to say its somple at least try i couldnt i had a feeling i wouldnt balanve now me and het got ms hehe
i was jumping pn bed once when i was 8 i got dizziness next thing o rembet opening my eyes while im laod pn ground i didnt feel i blanked out
mum used to say since you were a young child sometimes your eyes turn all white
snd there are like maps in your tongue

actually the dr told my parent dont get pregnant the child would be disabled glad fully me my siblings aint disabled im the only me the first with aito immune

5 months ago

my comment is full of misspells lol pardon

4 months ago

@highheeledfagin I’ve been thinking about this too. I had ON when I was sixteen and after lots of tests and different doctor visits, but no MRI because it didn’t exist, the neurologist diagnosed MS, but there were no treatments anyway and I lived in terror for a good few years because I had only ever heard that if you have ms you are in a wheelchair 🙄 and so decades passed without anything noticeable, and now I’m living in France and I get another relapse and diagnosed again with ms, and I realize I’ve had strange sensations since primary school: water splashes on legs, electric sparks down my spine, etc and since it didn’t hurt, I didn’t tell my parents. Not that they would’ve known either 😬

4 months ago

I could trace symptoms back to my 20’s but I remember passing out from the heat at my grandfathers funeral when I was 15. It was held in a country church with no air conditioning and it was 105F degrees outside. No one checked on me they said they thought I was asleep, someone snapped me out of it when the services were over. Potter

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