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7 months ago

@sanbanker it is actually just a bunch of HTML, CSS and Java Script code… far from magic 🙂

7 months ago

Hi @sanbanker and welcome.

A correct, and technical answer from @cammo above, which I can’t fault! 🤣

However, apart from the technical magic, we offer peer support on the basis that we may be weak individually, but together we are strong.

It’s good of you to join us on behalf of your sister. She’s lucky to have you. You might want to have a look through the documentation under the “Newly Diagnosed” Tag on this website :-

Although there are some more in depth articles under the other tags.

7 months ago

Welcome @sanbanker

As @stumbler so rightly said, we’re a social network for MSers. We strongly believe in the power of peer support, sharing experiences, and the health benefits (particularly in terms of isolation and mental health) of chatting to those who ‘get it’. MS is different for everyone, but by pooling our knowledge, we can provide amazing support.

We also produce a lot of video content to help highlight the impact of living with MS (see narrative our films at the bottom of this page: alongside interviews conducted by our community with health care professionals and other specialists to provide answers to your questions (see our MS Reporters stuff here:

We hope you find it a useful resource.

7 months ago

@sanbaker How does it help? Interesting question. There is a vast array of experience here, all with one common thread. MS.

You can use it for a friendly chat or to find out about the variety of drug treatment options.

It really is down to you. Everyone here is poised, like coiled springs, to pass on what they have learned to others to make the journey a little easier each time it is taken.



7 months ago


How can you help your sister? It is actually quite simple.

She is the exact same person you have known your whole life. Same likes & dislikes; same interests; same everything. Treat her the same way you have always treated her!

There may be speed bumps on her journey through life; yet there are with each & every person on Planet Earth. Let her know if she needs anything – just ask you. Otherwise, nothing has changed – you will treat her the same.

You have no idea how comforting that will be…

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