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How do you know

How do you know when you are having an attack?? I was diagnosed 2 years ago after a major fall. I immediately went on to Tysabri. But I don’t ever recall having any attacks. I just am aware of my symptoms, which i have every day

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6 months ago

I woke up blind in one eye, called the doctor and proceeded with treatment (vision for most part restored after several months).

But even after that, I too still wonder how I’ll know if I’m having a relapse. My neuro says, “you’ll know.”

I had severe pain in my eye a few months ago due probably to some allergic reactions, and I called the opthamologist, who talked with me for a while and said it wasn’t a flare but a pseudo exacerbation – a flare up of the old symptoms with my optic nerve.

If you’re able to check in with any of your doctors – not necessarily just your neurologist, it’s nice to be able to have them help you determine what is going on.

6 months ago

Attacks probably isn’t the best word sometimes because it sounds like an immediate response to something. An MS attack from what I know is when a new symptom or an older symptom that you have had has come back or changed in some way for the worse. resulting in some kind of impairment. but this can happen quite slowly or quite quickly my first ever symptom was pins and needles in my right ring finger, which then progressed to numbness and weakness on the right side of my body to almost no movement at all.

it’s not necessarily like a literal body attack that will happen instentaneously and with it being your own body we sometimes dont notice it ourselves.

hope this helps.


6 months ago

I was wondering that myself until I had a attack. I lived everyday with symptoms from my first relapse but nothing else ever happened. Then almost 10 years later I had another relapse a lot worse than the first one. I woke up and the right side of my body was numb, even my bowel and bladder. Steroids got me through it quickly, my neuro called it a mild relapse. Potter

6 months ago

My MS specialist said to call if I had any new symptoms or worsening of symptoms that last for at least 24 hours straight and then they help determine and an MRI can always be done to see if there’s any new lesions.

6 months ago

Hi, i got diagnosed nearly 11 years ago when I was 18, I was numb from the waist down couldn’t walk for 5 months, my sight was double vision too. A couple of weeks ago I got a stammer literally over night and woke up with numbness on the right side of my head ear, arm, shoulder and fingers. I went to the hospital had a MRI and I had a relapse they treated me with 5 days of steroids in hospital. But I agree with your doctor you will know when you have a relapse. It hit me like a train and came out of nowhere. Hope this helps you.

6 months ago

Hello @angela_fields. I could have written your post myself! Nothing about the info I read about RRMS resonates with me. Like you, I was diagnosed two years ago following an initial relapse. And was stuck permanently with all the symptoms from that day. Things flare up, or my walking gets worse, or fatigue increases, but I’m told it’s not a relapse and that ‘I’ll know’ when I have one. But to be honest, every day feels like a relapse to me! Sorry I don’t have any answers, but at least you know you’re not on your own with this! X

6 months ago

Hi @angela_fields and welcome.

Hopefully, the following article will help answer your question :-

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