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Hello everyone

Hello to all you lovely people. I used to recieve dla higher rate mobility and care and i a friend of mine suggested i should apply for P.I.P and helped me with filling out the form as well. I went for assessment in end of feb beginning of march i think and the P.I.P got refused cause the assessor wrote a silly report about me and thought i looked perfectly fine so my dla got stoppex on 10th af Aprill. I have been getting help from citizens advice ever since cause i applealed against the idiots decision and my manditory appeal got refused to and now am waiting for the tribunal. I wanted to ask if this has happened to anybody on here as well and what are the chances of my P.I.P being accepted? I am really worried 😢

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1 year ago

@bubbly85 , we’ve all been subjected to a “witch-hunt”, as all DLA claimants have/will be reassessed for PIP.

The eligibility criteria for PIP are more stringent than the criteria for PIP. But, even that does not account for the near daily tales of assessment nightmares of “misinterpretations”!

You are definitely not alone, which is why the Appeal process is now so long-winded. You’re on the end of a long queue!

Check out the Benefits & Work website for additional advice, .

Good luck. You are definitely not alone.

1 year ago

@ bubbly85 Appeal, but get ready for a stormy ride.

1 year ago


It goes without saying that your PIP claim/assessment not being accepted sucks big time. What the hell is it those Assessor clowns want, Blood?.

It really winds me up hearing/reading failed claim stories like yours, being assessed or should I say judged by someone who a few months before working as a so called medical professional was most likely working in a call center.

Anyway, best of luck with your Tribunal, hope all works out well for you.

1 year ago

I’m 8 months into a wait for a tribunal to try and get my mobility car back, It was taken away in early Feb after 19 years. I got in touch the other day as I was told it would be 6-8 months, and time is up, they said possibly the start of the new year. Once the snow arrives I can’t even go to the shop for a pint of milk and a loaf? They did take all my D l A away, but it was returned on appeal within 6 weeks with all past paid back, but we’ve all seen the Panorama secret filming, so it really depends on where you live, and whether Capita are doing your assessment. Be very careful what you say. They are paid bonuses for knocking people off the system, and have quotas which they are not allowed to exceed. The whole changeover is a joke and is costing the government millions, so you will eventually get a hearing but don’t hold your breathe! 😍


PS Typos corrected to aid readability – Admin (Stumbler)

1 year ago

Hello all you lovely people

I’m really sorry for the late reply i just haven’t been too well (emotionally, physically and mentally)
Thank you all for your feedbacks. I still haven’t heard anything about when my tribunal is or anything and I’m getting really stressed out. 😰

1 year ago

@bubbly85 , it’s the nature of this “game”. Deadlines will be imposed upon you, with sanctions for missing them. But, the DWP works to their own timescales.

There’s a backlog of tribunals, so there could be a wait of up to a year or more.

Be patient………..

1 year ago

Hi bubbly85 , was supposed to go to my tribunal on Mon3rd, disabled taxi didn’t turn up, pouring it down with rain, tried to go to magistrates court , 5 miles away, on electric wheelchair, called lawyer 20 mins before Tribunal was due to start, said I wasnt going to make it, pavement ran out 2 1/2 miles from home (due to council who don’t like disabled people in my city) was in tears, wet, cold, lawyer rang ambulance, spent a week in hospital with chronic chest infection(surprise surprise) Tribunal will now be Feb/March, a year from when they took my mobility car after 19 years, but never give up, that’s what the government want, they want us to go and due quietly in the corner. Don’t give them the satisfaction, cause all the trouble you can, cost them as much as you can, as Stumbler says, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil!👹😍

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