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Hello all!

I don’t qualify for Ocrevus either. What I believe is helping me is Low Level Light Therapy. I found a chiropractor who uses it on primarily MS patients. It take about fifteen minutes a treatment: the doctor uses a wand on my spinal cord on my back. I’ve been using it weekly until the Stay at Home orders.
When I first tried the Fasting- Mimicking diet, I struggled through three days of not eating more than 500 calories/day. But for the last 2 – 3 years, I don’t eat anything between 6 pm and 9-10 am, daily: 15 hours on occasion even more.
I’ve used the High Dose Biotin for about five years. It’s stopped the MS hug, night time trips to the bathroom and some ‘jolts of pain’ in my arms and legs. I take a handful of pumpkin seeds to curb any leaks when I think I can’t hold it.
I’ve been gluten free since 2013. I tried the Walhs Protocol but I couldn’t stick to it. I still juice vegetables with fruit and stay away from sugar, dairy (although I have a hard time staying away from cheese). Hope that helps!
I try to walk often but when it’s too hot, I don’t. I used to use a rollator but my right arm and hand don’t work much and my hand can’t hold on.

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2 months ago

Did you find the low level light therapy eased any symptoms? I have been looking at Wahls and cut out dairy etc, tried to get help with nutrition via nhs, but only given standard advice 5 fruit and veg a day. However have had to stop as losing too much weight, was underweight already, so just trying to adapt things to work for me. I have problems with right arm and hand, so frustrating, trying to do buttons this morning aaaah! Have you tried a hyperbaric (think that is how to spell same) chamber? I am doing exercises from neuro physio and from ms uk website which I find very helpful.

2 months ago

Sorry forgot to ask, how beneficial are the pumpkin seeds?

2 months ago

A bit tired, been working, my problem is with my left arm and hand not my right. Getting more brain fog too!

2 months ago

I understand. When I first got the laser treatment, the results were pretty quick: certain changes to what I could do increased and pain in my left leg suddenly eased. I kept up every 2 weeks for a year and the switched to weekly.
The pumpkin seeds are an easy way to get certain minerals that help me from having accidents when I can’t get to the toilet in time.
I don’t know about the hyperbolic chamber.

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