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Hello ๐Ÿ˜€

Hello All I was diagnosed with MS back in 2003 Iโ€™ve had my ups and down Iโ€™ve never been on any forums like this before so all new to me after pushing my doctor Iโ€™ve managed to have another MRI after 17 years to see how my MS has progressed and awaiting results next week @ 39 now I am worried to be honest as my symptoms are getting worse my most worrying is my legs struggling to walk for long time any advice on meds anybody is taking that helps ? I have blurred vision at times but had that from begging my cure is sit relax and do nothing and in all these years the only medication I have taken is paracetamol lol. And honestly helps but now I think I need more help any advice would be appreciated

Many Thanks take care everybody

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3 weeks ago

Hi @zackhussain I have PPMS and am surprised it has been 17years since the last MRI! I am on Ocrevus to hopefully halt the progression and have come to accept that until Myelin can be repaired I will have to live as I am

3 weeks ago

Hello @zackhussain, welcome to Shift, glad you joined. It’s great for advice, chatting or even rating and raging. I cannot believe you’ve been left for 17 years with no MRI, that’s shocking. Maybe you need to switch to a more proactive hospital, which your GP could organise. Are you managing to work? On this site we ae big fans of Dr Aaron Boster clips to explain MS on YouTube, so check those out. The world of medication has advanced rapidly over the last decade or so, in terms of treating symptoms and also for disease modifying treatments. It would be great to hear how you get at at your appointment, all the best ๐Ÿ™‚

3 weeks ago

Thank you
Itโ€™s probably been my fault as I havenโ€™t previously been to the doctors Iโ€™ve just carried on with life and will do moving forward I guess I am at a stage weโ€™re I need some help. And yes I have move from my original hospital to now the Queens med in Nottingham see how this goes I will post once I have my results next week

Thanks again

3 days ago

We will wait for your post about the result and will give an opinion regarding it.

3 days ago

hopefully your MRI comes back without alarming progression. The DMTs try to prevent lesions but there really isn’t anything to repair them once they are there…then it is about managing symptoms. Of course besides DMTs we should try to maintain our health the best we can with exercise, healthy diet, no smoking, Vit D3, etc. Hope your MRIs show minimal lesions and hopefully they covered the spine as well as brain…that is where my more troubling ones seem to be.

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