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Got symptoms but no diagnosis

Hello! I’m new here, I’m not diagnosed but have a lot of symptoms. It all started back in February with sharp stabbing pain in both my index fingers, then I had burning pain in the back of my head and arms, random tingling in my legs feet, and pain that feels like I’m stepping on glass, right side of face feels tight, and very dry eyes and they fog up at times. I have had a brain and spine mri, brain came back with few scattered white spots, but they said highly unlikely a demylating disease given the appearance, spine mri came back with mild mylomelacia ( spinal cord bruise) from what I understand, spinal tap came back 0 bands and a eye test for ms all came back normal, I’m so frustrated and don’t know what to do. I know ms can take along time to diagnose but in the meantime how do I take care of myself mentally and physically. Thank you for listening and any advice!!

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7 months ago

Hopefully not,
My relavent couldnt even stand her feet were jumpimg felt stabbing beneath them and electric feeling
And so much numbness for long time
She did mei twice gladfully results were negative
She still feel it a bit specially in extremly bad weather so much hunger or thurst
After uni when she stays up late
They told her you’re carrying the world in the top of your head stop thinking deeply take it easy
Stop worrying its all mental stress

I hope MS wouldnt reach her or you
Look after yourself x

7 months ago

Hi @jennlmt1 and welcome. I can understand why you chose to join us.

We just have to acknowledge that our bodies and complicated pieces of kit and that our medical professionals aren’t magicians. They can run their scans and tests, but can only work with the results available.

MS is a notoriously difficult condition to diagnose and Neurologists have to be absolutely certain before they give a diagnosis. Symptoms that present in MS also present in various other conditions too……..

It would be a good idea to maintain a symptom diary, as this information can be crucial in obtaining any diagnosis. There’s an article about symptom diaries here :-

Just persevere with your medical team and demand answers. Good luck.

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