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Hi folks 😊 for over a year now I’ve lost a stone, had real bad symptoms of nausea, vomiting, feeling full really quickly, and no appetite, it’s been suggested that I may have Gastroparesis through MS, has anyone else had this and if so how was it treated? Thanks in advance.

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7 months ago

I found this it’s got a few suggestions.
Hope it helps.

7 months ago

@blether89. I have gastroparesis and it is manageable without medication. Just be aware of foods that you can’t digest that may come back to haunt you. I for example can not eat salads, tough meats, raw vegetables, some cooked vegetables and nuts. I knew there was a serious issue when I would vomit my salad that I ate the day before. I eat small meals several times a day. I over chew foods that I think might not digest well and avoid the foods I know will cause me pain. Other than that I take zero meds. The less meds the better right?

7 months ago

It’s everything I eat, if it wasn’t for my supplement drinks I’d hate to imagine how thin I’d be, I’m only 6st12lbs.

7 months ago

Hi @blether89
I have had exactly those symptoms for ages and my GP has recently prescribed Domperidone only to be used sparingly as it’s got bad possible side effects. I have banished potatoes from my diet as I really don’t like feeling that full after so little food and really just try to manage to eat small meals. Does your neurologist agree with the gastroparesis findings? I’m still waiting for my Neuro to respond in any way about this issue. Hope you get some help with it.
Loo ⭐️

7 months ago

I’m so glad u brought this up. I have been having nausea and losing weight no matter what I do for a long time.
I thought it was vertigo and stress making me feel sick all the time…
I get full quick and it takes a lot of energy to digest a meal…
The neurologist was concerned (your weight loss will kill you a long time before the MS she said) and recommended ensure drinks to try to build me up a bit.
At the same time, the doctor gave me antacids for reoccurring heartburn
Not one to be beaten, I decided to really focus on my food and what I was eating.
I weighed myself two weeks ago, with the aim of putting on a stone.
I was horrified to see I was 8st1. I’m 5ft11 ffs!

It’s been hard, eating lots regularly when you feel sick.
But I’ve persevered, drinking the ensure and eating.
I weighed myself yesterday 7st3 – gutted
Not sure what to do next, but my sympathies are with you – u are not alone with this

7 months ago

It’s the most cruel symptom I think I’ve had to endure! And it’s horrible that people don’t believe that you physically cannot eat, 😫 I hope you get help.

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