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gabapentin anyone?

For the last month I’ve had increasing issues and pain in my right hip that seems to stem from the hip flexor (always a bad spot for me) and the top of my thigh is numb. I’ve become increasingly gimpy and unbalanced. Yesterday my Neuro said that with a MRI with no new lesions and my decline he thinks I am moving from RRMS to SPMS. Not good but I am 54 and it is about the age where that is common.

So today I thought I’d call Mayo in Rochester MN as that is close enough to me I could go to their center for a second opinion. I was describing these symptoms to the scheduler and she said she had the same symptoms and was given gabapentin with great success.

I called my Neuro office after hours and talked to the on-call guy and he was calling in a RX that I hope I can pick up tomorrow. You take this at bed time so potentially I’ll have it for tomorrow night.

Anyone take this before? Did it help? Sounds like it is for nerve issues and used for many conditions including epilepsy-

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6 months ago


I’ve been taking Gabapentin since beeing diagnosed, in various amounts, started off with taking 3 a day then was moved on to 4 a day, then 5 and now I’m on 6 per day.
With little to no improvement in terms of symptoms.

6 months ago

@itsmewithms , Gabapentin can address some MS symptoms like Neuropathy, spasms and tremors.

You really need a Neuro-physio assessment to understand what weaknesses are putting pressure on your hip. We’re very good at compensating for weakness, but we can adopt bad practice which can put undue pressure on joints and muscles.

5 months ago

OMG!!!! I was on gabbawottsits for over a year and my god! The weight gain was unbelievable.
I was a skinny wretch 8stone, skinny legs etc I moved and changed neuro straight away he took me off them (now weighing 10stone) I find extra weight has pulled my movement back as my little legs can’t manage. Nothing can be done now as I can’t do the exercises that I need to get rid of excess blubber (tummy) and being female doesn’t help as not a lot of clothes cover it without making my legs look like twigs!!

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