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For Days When You Feel Crappy About Life

A friend I used to climb with recently posted this on LinkedIn. Sound advice.


Low energy, low mood, zero enthusiasm. Sometimes it happens, it can happen to anyone, at any time. What matters is what you do next.

Here are four things for when it hits:

1. Stop the negative thought patterns. Where you are now isn’t permanent, you can and will feel better. Thinking that this is it, and you’re going to feel crappy forever won’t help. Instead, trust the process and know that you will feel better soon.

2. Write it down. Journalling – a few minutes of allowing yourself to write unedited – is useful to uncover what’s happening. Be interested in what comes up and see if you can take one action that’s going to change how you feel. Even if that one thing is to go and rest.

3. Be kind to yourself. Strip back the things you don’t need to be doing, make some time and space for yourself. Do the things you enjoy, bring you energy and bring you back to yourself.

4. Share how you feel. Let people around you know that you’re having a dip. Know that’s it’s ok not to be 100% all the time. The more it’s shared the more normal it becomes, and the less pressure to perform when you don’t feel like it and the quicker you’ll feel better.


She is called Ellie Guest –

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3 months ago

Great advice!

3 months ago

I love this! Exercise and music is always a good mood lifter too, I think the key is to let yourself have the bad days but damn well make sure you get up the next day and kick ass!!
It’s a battle that has to be fought everyday, remind yourself what’s good in your life, find the rainbows always.

I have bad days, in fact I have days where I want to curl up and hide but I let myself have them and then get right back up again 👊🏼!

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