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Foot Drop

Need some information on foot drop? I have been experiencing this for about 5 months now and need some advice on how people look after it and get it strong so that the ankle becomes strong? Any advice would be appreciated !! thanks Abhs

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6 months ago

Hi @abehl, the best thing would be to get a referral to a physiotherapist who will be able to advise you on the right strengthening exercises. Also, investigate the FES machine, which can work wonders with foot drop. Good luck!

6 months ago

Hello @vixen – Thank you for your quick response and very true – Physiotherapist appoint is still on waiting list but that should be in soon. I did not hear about FES Machine and thank you about that advice. Will look into it more. Hope you are keeping well ?

6 months ago

@abehl , you’ll find a lot of information about this common symptom here :-

6 months ago

Also might be an idea to see if you can get a referral to Orthotics. My MS nursing team have set me up for one, its not until later this week so can’t comment further yet.

6 months ago

I went to a PT group that specializes in difficult cases including things like MS. They did an assessment of my condition when I didn’t really consider it that bad. I could walk unassisted and was still working through hip replacement issues with my regular PT.

As I only scored a 38 (or something) he said he could work with me for like 5 sessions and come up with some exercises and ideas. I did the exercises for balance but my scores weren’t improving just through that so he brought in an Orthodics person. They had options in AFO (Ankle foot orthodics) and fitted me with one. I think this is mine.

It slips in my shoe below the insole pad which is also a custom orthodic to improve support in the arch area (I had surgery to remove an accessory navicular bone in my late teens and have practically no arch). I have to get a shoe a half size up to accommodate all this hardware.

The brace keeps my foot level as it moves forward and helps keep my toes a bit up. It was working well until the last month when my condition deteriorated and my foot drop is more severe. I know this was the least correcting of the braces we tried do it may be time to increase the amount my toes are kept up if the current level of foot drop doesn’t resolve.

I like this one as I can still drive a car with it on (issue is with my right foot) and still have ankle flexion so I don’t think it is actually weakening the ankle it is supposed to support. I can also add ankle lifts to try to strengthen the ankle if I think that becomes the issue by stair lifts on my toes or other such exercises..

6 months ago

Also look into what is causing the foot drop. I don’t think that efforts to increase muscle strength will impact nerve function. This is what I try to explain to my husband that thinks MS can be cured by strengthening exercises.

The issue is that my nerves aren’t triggered to push my leg forward and up when I walk…not that I don’t have muscles to do that when told. So I continue to exercise those muscles so they can do that if told but how do I get my brain to get that message to them?

According to my massage gal (who is amazing and not your typical spa massage gal) she says I need to push off my big toe to trigger these things to happen. I stopped dong that when I dislocated that toe stomping on the brake during an auto accident 7 years ago. I couldn’t use that toe for close to a year while it recovered but now when I walk a put conscious thought into pushing off the big toe to try to get the glutes to fire.

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