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Hi! Since my diagnosis I get sick pretty often. Before I would get sick once-twice a year, now it’s once every three months. And the worst thing is that it seems like my body kind of gave up on fighting with it. I’ve had nearly three weeks of fever and flu in June, and now over a week of stomach flu. Aaand the flu season is around the corner… I knew, that Tecfidera has effect on immune system, but did not expect it to be so bad. Does anybody have similar experience? How do you get through autumn and winter? What do you think of flu shots?

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11 months ago

Hi, I’m not on Tecfidera but I started takeing high doses of vit c because I was getting cold after cold and now I perhaps get one mild cold a year, I take 3,000mgs per day, it might help you.

11 months ago

Don’t have flu shots, a few years ago it wasn’t recommended for misers because a ‘study’ that found there were too many instances of it not working fot us.

11 months ago

Hi @ryba

I am on Tec. and do have the flu shot every year. The regularity of me getting ill with things like flu etc. does not seemed to have changed in the two years after taking Tec. Hope that helps? Maybe, there is something else going on?

All the best


11 months ago

Some meds like fingolimod can affect the response to vaccinations but there is still a response of the body’s immune systems. The flu jab is not a live vaccine so is safe to take for people on DMT. I always have a flu vaccine as having flu could trigger a relapse.

It may be that you have just been unlucky to get a double Viral infection as you were run down from the first. I am obsessive about hand washing/hand sanitizers but then I work in education and those students are a germ pool 😄 wishing you better

11 months ago

Hi @ryba, I’m on Tec too and had the flu jab. In 18 maths I had bad cold once but that was before the flu jab. In this time, I’ve had a major dietary overhaul and actually feel ‘weller’ than I have done in many years. I have daily turmeric, flaxseed and Vitamin D too. I try to stay fit by walking a bit every day but I don’t overdo it. I am mega conscious about hygiene at work too. I make my own tea and snacks and don’t share foods with others. I keep my hands mega-washed and keep wet wipes for door handles and keyboard. I know I’m sounding a bit neurotic but it seems to be working….

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