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fitness & 1/2 marathon

I have always been a fitness person. My MS diagnosis gave me a huge scare. I am in the gym at least 4 days a week and run at least one 2 5k races a month. I am getting ready to tackle my first 1/2 marathon this weekend ( with drs approval of course). Does anyone here work out regulatory or are runners? How do you manage?

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6 months ago

I weight train 4-5 days a week with a mix of cardio too and find I feel much better after.
Think it might be physiological after lifting heavy weights as I know I am still strong regardless of my tingling in legs and hands.
I listen to my body and if I feel really fatigued I will skip a session but if I’m
Just feeling lazy I will go!
Exercise is great for my mind and body so I will carry on as usual and if there ever comes a day where I can’t carry out my usual routine I will still go and do the best I can! Good luck with your 1/2!

6 months ago

AWESOME!! i feel worse if i dont keep moving. I am guilty of not listening to my body until its too late tho, i must admit. LOL! i try to live as normal of a life as i can . I have MS; it doesnt have me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 months ago

Exactly! The more I think about the diagnosis the worse I seem to feel and the more my symptoms flare up, so most of the time I’m like nope, there’s no MS here! Haha! Just enjoy life! 😊

6 months ago

Exactly! Keep moving girle!

6 months ago

I do a military style fitness class 3 times a week. It’s great training outdoors in the local park.
I also used to do Kettlebell classes 2 mornings a week but stopped this recently when we got a puppy.
I used to run once a week too but find that when i get warm i get a “wobbly” head but I’m going to give it another go.
Definitely find it’s good for my mental health.
I’m 5 months post diagnosis.

6 months ago

@nata4712 I cycle 40km a day… if I don’t ride for a couple of days I feel lazy and horrible. Energy makes energy.

6 months ago

I live in a very hilly city and I don’t drive, so most of my exercise happens during walks where there is flat staggered with huge hills. This has worked well for a long time, especially when I used to walk at least a mile to work. Honestly I think it is why my MS has been kind of mild for 20 years. Now that I am at home more due to career changes, and I find I have to take more initiative. I have considered rowing because it looks really fun.

Good for everyone for taking care of yourselves. The DMT helps, but we really do have to do the rest. <3

6 months ago

i agree with you all. I feel like crap if i dont workout. You gotta keep moving! blessings to all

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