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Feet and hand sensations

Hi ! My first time positing. I was diagnosed with RRMS last July. I have double vision and have glasses prescribed so I can see properly. No improvement to my eyesight still. Anyway Recently the bottom of my feet feel like they are vibrating. This happens on a daily basis – mostly when I walk and sometimes when I drive. My fingers in my right hand (the joints I think) are also stiff and painful – im not sure if my feet and fingers are ms related. Seeing my ms nurse in a few weeks but thought I would post here first to see if anyone else can relates to this and let me know threat thoughts / stories ? Thanks everyone

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6 months ago

@teddy17 , MS can cause us a variety of symptoms, as you obviously know now.

There’s sensory symptoms, , as you seem to be experiencing in your feet. There are medications to address this.

Then there’s spasticity , , affecting your fingers. Stretching exercises can help with this issue, .

Your double vision and prescription glasses must be a concern. The prescription glasses seem to suggest that the problem has just been accepted.

When I had double vision, I saw an optometrist (I think that was their title?). She provided a stick on set of prisms to go on one lense of my glasses. These were reduced in strength every few weeks, to train the eyes back, eventually bringing the eyes back together.

Hope this helps.

6 months ago

Hi, I have heard of the feet vibrating thing. not experienced it. Is it your joints are stiff in your fingers or your muscles? Have you been taking pain killers for it?

6 months ago

I saw you are from birmingham! Did you get diagnosed at QE?

6 months ago

I’ve had double vision for 11 months now. Recently got a prism fitted on to one of my lenses, it helped for a while but the double vision returned when wearing the glasses so I think I need a stronger prism. I do get a pins and needles sensation in my feet sometimes, doesn’t really last long tho and it’s not something that happens daily!

6 months ago

Hi Have you taken steroids for your symptoms given to you by the MS Nurse – they will help you.

6 months ago

@lukezni_1 My body feels like its vibrating all the time to be honest I manage to tune it out mostly now, I was told it’s the MS and my base line, I find if i walk (which I do every day as I have 2 dogs!) or run or do any exercise I feel like I can feel the neuron’s firing and all look at me blank as normal people don’t have this! but I sort of now see it as a positive as it means that things are working or have worked ๐Ÿ™‚
Not sure if your sensations are the same mine aren’t normally painful at all.
I must say that my hands are most effected as they swell and are affected by temperature most, so have you noticed it more at different times of day or temperatures?
I hope your eyes improve

6 months ago

Hello @teddy17, itโ€™s still relatively new for you so things may settle down, or lessen, or go. Sounds like you could use some anti inflammatory medication for your hands, so hopefully your MS nurse will give you good advice. By the way, have you informed DVLA about your condition? Stay tough, eat and sleep well. Hopefully, things will settle for you soon.

6 months ago

I have tingling/vibrations as you describe. Think itโ€™s one of the joys of MS! Mines comes and goes, is worse when I am tired or walking too much. Or sitting to long then walk.

6 months ago

Yes, feet, legs and hands everyday especially walking or washing my hair strangely, usual symptom of ms but not the worst though the double vision is horrendous that was my first symptom that rectified itself after a few weeks, really hope your vision gets better!

4 months ago

Thanks everyone for replying. I have a prism prescribed for my glasses and have called to get another follow up appointment with the optometrist sooner than the one they have booked. The problem I am having is that my eyes feel incredibly tired and it feels like it is work to keep them open. This feeling kind of lasts all day. I’m not sure if this is just the fatigue people refer to. I really don’t like being in sunlight either and this makes my eyes worse. I have let the DVLA know and I have a 3 year license now so I can still drive which is something ๐Ÿ™‚

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