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Feeling useless

Sorry peeps, me again. When I was in hospital a couple months ago, the neurologist did say I might never return to 100%, but I seem to be in constant nerve pain with my back and my legs. Had to get my friend to take my Daughter to school today, managed to hoover the lounge then had to rest. Got other housework to do, but I just can’t do it. Hubby is brilliant and says not to worry he will do it at the weekend. But he works all week and don’t want him to get ill with the stress of working, looking after me and the house. When I was first diagnosed I was really positive about it. But the last couple of weeks it’s hit me, I might not feel any better than this at the best of times, and just feel useless. Sorry for the rant and long post. x

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8 months ago

Just to try and cheer you up a little, don’t you worry about posting long posts….. this one is not that big.
I’ve had to recharge my phone and put some more ink in the screen before.
There are a fair few people here who have a rant and a moan…. even me and I’m perfect…… your husband sounds like a nice bloke… my wife has to do most of the complicated stuff.
It ain’t easy that’s for sure…..
Just make sure you tell him how much you appreciate what he does…
And all that lovey dovey stuff that got you together in the first place.
Now this is a medium post 😀
Keep smiling…. it ain’t all doom and gloom……. honest 😀

@highlander. Thank you. Think it’s just hit me I can’t do everything I used to. Worry about Stu doing too much. Think we need to find a balance of me not trying to do too much, and him thinking he has to do everything. Got the rest of my lounge hoovered and the sofa so feel a bit better now I’ve done it. 😁

8 months ago

Just do what you can when you can.
Don’t overdo it, like I always do remember I’m perfect… It
just makes things worse for longer.
Just listed to your body,….push to hard and it throws a tantrum.
My wife the perfectionist bought me a slinky new battery hoover… strip mines the front room carpet in seconds….. I’m not allowed to say I can’t manage it any more.
I want Henry back he was slow and heavy.😭

8 months ago

@stacey_alexandra_slade , effectively managing MS is all about balance. Balanced diets, balanced lifestyles and balancing your resources are all in the mix.

But, you have to learn about these balances through experience. Have a read through this website to help you :-

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