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Feeling down

Dose anybody else have periods where their fine and then all of a sudden ur feeling real down and can’t get to grips with how ya feel? Don’t no if it’s a personal thing or ms thing. It’s fustrating wen it happens.

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8 years ago

Hi Leanne
I used to feel like that shortly after my diagnosis. In fact I was fairly cool with the whole diagnosis thing at the time (it was more of a relief to know what was going on and that I would get some medical assistance going forward). The only time I cried was months after my diagnosis when I went to my Doctor about something else (minor) and I asked an MS related question. My doctor told me her mother had had MS and that I should “live for today” – When I got home I cried. She said it so coldly. Anyway – If you’re feeling down I can relate to that, I think we all can. I’m guessing it’s a general thing, could be MS ends up playing on your mind a lot etc. Keep an eye on your feelings and if needs be discuss it with your MS nurse or GP. You won’t be the only one feeling like this (we can all have an emotional wobble occasionally) For the first couple of years after diagnosis many people find it emotionally tough. For many they start to realise even though they have MS nothing much changes on a daily basis. I guess everyone is different.

8 years ago

I’m actually going through that as we speak. I had back to back doctor appointments with some specialist. I also have Diabetes and am going to a sleep clinic next week because they suspect I might also have sleep apnea and narcolepsy on top of my MS fatigue . I was exhausted , but I made it through the day. I woke up this morning so depressed and weepy . It’s so overwhelming sometimes and I get so tired of fighting it. I’m just going to rest up today and hope I feel better. I go through several emotions throughout the day. I’ll be fine one moment and then feel like atons of bricks hit me.

8 years ago

hey leanne, i know what you mean 🙁 somedays i have my depressed phases where i just dont feel like talking to anyone or doing anything on that day and the next day im completely fine and i forget about yesterday and why i was feeling like that. I never know whether its an ms thing or just me being moody and tired but it happens so i just take each day as it comes and i try and forgt about my days days. hope your having a good day today 🙂

8 years ago


I completely understand how you feel. I go through days where I am just fine. Happy and able to get through pretty much anything without a thought. But I do go through days where my mood is down. I feel weepy and depressed and sometimes even angry. Sometimes I know why I am down but other days…its just hits me upside the head and I can’t get out of it.
Just a few days ago I was hit by a very strange wave of anxiety. No apparent reason or cause. I was in a good mood. But nearly had to fight back a wave of panic for a while for no good reason. Very disconcerting.
Best thing I can say is just to not only take each day as it comes…but to also try and analyze why you might be feeling the way you are.

Hope everything is going well! =D

8 years ago

I was diagnosed 3 months ago. I have my very positive days, but then out of nowhere I can have my down days too. I think for me, it’s followed by feeling really well, and being positive that I can go on like this for years and years. But then the anxiety hits, what if I struggle a lot with this? What if I miss out on the things I want to do in this life because one day I wake up sick and never return to the normal I am right now. It’s scary when you’re faced with the reality that life won’t always be life as we know it now. I am aware that I could have had a much worse diagnosis, and am happy that I will hopefully be able to still lead a normal life; but it’s also scary to know first hand the fragility that life really is. It’s so easy to say, “some day I would love to do this” but then there’s the cruel realization that I shouldn’t be saying “some day.” I want to do it now! It’s like a vicious cycle. We’ll have our highs, we’ll have our lows, and we’ll have our fears and anxieties. I know it helps me to:

Do what I love today (I have two etsy shops and can spend hours creating, and love to know that people all over the country are wearing my work. It definately brings me a sense of pride!)

Surround myself with the people I love and who love me. I have been blessed with a loving and supportive husband and family.

Dream big. I definately have a long bucket list of things I would like to do. Although, sometimes I overwhelm myself with which one I would like to do first. But one check at a time.

Plan for a wonderful, bright future! I don’t want to limit my future just because I may get sick. Heck, I might die in a car wreck next week. I will hope and plan for the best, and if my course changes along the way then I can make the adjustments and deal with it then.

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