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5 months ago

Fatigue or lassitude can continue (and for most people it does) due to the damage left to our nervous systems after an attack. We have to learn how to prioritise on doing the important things and workout a balance between rest and doing things. Have you heard of the spoon theory?

5 months ago

MS symptoms are person specific, have no the or reason, cannot be accurately mapped to lesion activity – there is no linear association, whatever some people may say – so it is incredibly frustrating.

One of the most challenging things to come to terms with is the randomness of the symptoms.

I am Rx’d Modafinil (off label). For me – it is really important to understand that what is right for someone else cannot necessarily be assumed to be right for you for a whole host of reasons – it has worked very well. Not perfect but restored me much closer to normal.

I say you’ll have to roll with the punches. It is not a facile remark but one borne out by having MS for 26+ years. It makes the mental journey easier.

5 months ago


Fatigue is a symptom of MS it’s not exclusive to attacks or relapses, some of us MSers have to put up with it daily, others not so much.

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