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Hi all. Just a question about fatigue which I figured I didn’t have when I was diagnosed with rrms earlier this year.
However, I’m more increasingly beginning to get really tired and achy for no other reason. But my main question here is I get sudden episodes of mild nausea and my body ( particularly arms and legs) feels irritable. Are these signs of fatigue or does anyone else get them?

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1 year ago

Hey! I am not too sure what fatigue feels like either but I have been having achey and restless legs. Not sure if it is fatigure or day to day symptoms or normal life of running about too much?

I’ve had ms for 14 yrs and my legs are the one thing that ache the most. Restless legs, especially after a long day, too much walking or stress. As for the fatigue, it took a bit to come on. The older I get, the worse and I find it’s worse during certain times of the day. 11-4 for me. But for me restless legs and fatigue are two totally different things. I can have sore legs and not be tired or super fatigued and legs ok. That’s for me anyways 😊

1 year ago

@sally03 , Nausea doesn’t sound like a symptom of fatigue, or MS for that matter. Nausea could be a result of a touch of vertigo, which may be caused by your MS.

There’s a bit about fatigue here :-

1 year ago

I really do not enjoy fatigue. To me is like having an overly warm blanket draped over me. Day to day thinking suddenly becomes a Sisyphean task. The cognitive impairment means I can read something – technically reading – but not be able to contextualise it. Most annoying.

The achiness is a part of fatigue. Very few of the typical MS sysmptoms are discrete things. There seems to be an element of blending that differs from person to person.

I deal with it by being far stricter as to how I ‘spend’ my energy for the day. If things are getting too much I lie down for 20 min.

Unfortunately, what works for one person doesn’t mean it worksfor everyone.

As a very slow learner it has taken 25y – so far – and I still trip myself up by agreeing to or tring to do too much.

Be kind to yourself. Just pressing through does no good at all.

As to the nausea – depends what drugs you are on as well as many other things like balance and vertigo etc. Chat to your nurse. They are usually brilliant.

1 year ago

Thank you for your replies- it’s so helpful to hear from people who understand & know what your going through
I do have balance /vertigo issues so maybe that explains the nausea feeling.
And I guess I need to learn to rest when these feelings of tiredness/ achy kick in
Thank you sally

1 year ago

Hey! I also experience these symptoms. Nausea can be a symptom of MS it’s just not as common. I get nausea all the time and especially if I move around too much or too fast. I take the generic zofran and it helps a lot. I only know one other person that also experiences the nausea. Hope you feel better! Best wishes!

1 year ago

I think I may have experienced this for the first time this year a couple of weeks ago but that may have also just been me pushing a little to hard with the exercise.

just monitor it and see if it happens after doing or experiencing certain things or it’s just a random occurrence that pops up from time to time.

best of luck


1 year ago

I have those as well, nausea, dizziness and i even fainted they are all ms symptoms.

1 year ago

Hi There,
I believe im in the fatigue mode now. I have been doing so much just lately i think my body is saying to calm it down and take a while out!! I get like this every so often but never do i really slow down but the older you get the harder it is to ignore it!!!
I have been on Avonex for about 6 years and was taken off it in September as it was showing signs of no longer working. Im seeing how i get on with no meds until February when i go back. Touch wood apart from being so tired and aching i think im ok! Hope you start to feel better soon

1 year ago

I spend most of my time at home but whether out or in 2-3 hours is about my limit. I have a good nap after lunch, but fatigue hits regularly and I have to sit or lie down for 20 mins on a regular basis. I am 62, have had the beast for 25years and no longer work so it is probably easier for me as I guess from your photo that are a bit younger than me (isn’t everyone) and may be still working, if you don’t sit down all day, make sure there is a chair you can sit on even for 10 mins, a power nap works for all ages. You are still fairly newly dxd and will find out over the next year or so whar you can and can’t do. Don’t rush things, are you on any dmt’s? These will make a difference. Things will become clearer in time so don’t rush and don’t worry, stress us just about the worst thing for ms😍👍😞

1 year ago

@cmlawrenson I was on Avonex for 23 years, was on the original trial when it first came out and if was the first and only DMT, it stopped working last year andI am now on Tecfidera. Have been on it since Jan 1st all seems ok.😍

1 year ago

@grandma ah we have been following each other all our ms years and did not know it. I went on avonex when it just came out. I tried other dmd’s through the years but kept going back.
Fatigue has always been a part of my life for 30 years. Since I have moved to SPMS it seems to be every day and most of the day. Have you talked to your dr about drugs to help with your low energy level?

1 year ago

@avengr13 I have the magic pills which I take if .I’m going out for the day, can’t take them after 11 cos they will keep me awake at night. Rest of the time do things first thing in the morning (I’m up at 6.30 am with the dogs and lodger whose a pathologist, does maternity covers around the country) go shopping and always arrange appointments in the morning so I get by. Fingers work a bit better in the morning. I have learnt over my 26 years what I can and can’t do, and when. which I have no doubt you have as well.😍

1 year ago

@sally03 my sister also has ms. When she was diagnosed ten years ago, she approached her employer and said she wanted to keep working for him but she needed a rest time during the day. Her employer bought her a recliner and set up a quiet room for her to take an hour rest break. That helped her to keep on working.
She will be retiring from there in a few years. It was a win/win situation for them.
Never hurts to ask.

1 year ago

Totally agree with avengr13, think it great that her sisters employer put in a recliner and a quiet place. It obviously worked as she continued to work for another 10 years. Not all employers would do the same, ‘reasonable’ changes, I.e. a wider door, room for wheelchairs, moving furniture, making sure another member of staff is available to help if the fire alarms go off etc, are the norm so it’s lovely to hear of someone who has gone ‘above and beyond’ Gives you a nice warm feeling😜😍🎂

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