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failing uni

So i am in my final year of university. last year i lost a member of my family. a week later i was physically assaulted by a member of staff at my university. the uni didn’t do much to support me. the member of staff was suspended, following that they died in march this year. the dean of faculty phoned me personally to let me know… i didn’t take it well. i am still not taking it well. i blame myself… like did i stress them out with my complaint did i bring this on???? i cant clear my mind. i haven’t been able to settle into my second semester and i am now failing. 6 assignments 4 weeks to do the impossible.

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3 months ago

Is there a therapist you can talk to? You clearly have been through a lot and are having difficulty dealing with it all. That being said, there can be a million reasons in the world why we don’t do what we need to do. At the end of the day, years down the road, no one, including you, will care WHY you failed, just that you did and whether you recovered from the set back. So if you can, pick yourself up and do what you have to do. If this semester is a loss then oh well. People have recovered from worse set backs than that. I have also failed a semester, after somewhat similar circumstances. I was mentally not in a good place and had to focus on me before I could focus on school. I have a graduate degree and a great job now. You can do this. One set back does not define a person. It’s how you deal with the set back that teaches you the extraordinary things you can accomplish. Good luck!

3 months ago

No. It’s NOT your fault.

And, you should go to someone you can talk to. Wish you the best!

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