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Excited to find ShiftMS

Hi! I hope this site with great people and forums will be nice. I am from a small isolated place and have no support. Lately I suffer more and more physically and emotionally. Treatment is not really an option now my neurologist says. I have a family depending on me, and no one understands or accepts my disease.
Had no luck with National MS Society of Canada and USA. I am a friendly person and good communicator. I have a lot of questions and look forward to hearing from you all!

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2 years ago

Welcome aboard.
They are a good bunch on here. Good mix of wtf do I do & positivity, life hacks & support.
MS isn’t easy otherwise normal weak people would get it 😜
We can take a kicking & get back up again smiling. We are the Warriors.
The themes you’ll find here are you’re not alone & don’t sweat the small stuff.

2 years ago

Hello there, and welcome! I was only diagnosed a year ago. I am still working and am relatively OK but Dhift has become a massive part of my life, not least because I am not a social media/technology fan! I agree with @tog2-0 and those themes. If you are in Canada there are often posts from fellow maples! Hope you enjoy the company of Shift x

2 years ago

Hi @jcorvec and welcome.

If you have questions, then ask away. They may be questions that others want to be answered too.

We’ll do our best to answer them. 😉

2 years ago

Hi @jcorvec

Pleased you found us!!! 😀

We’re a friendly bunch and you’ll find that we will do our best to answer all of your questions.



2 years ago

Ey up (that’s Yorkshire for howdy do) welcome to shift and congratulations on being a MSdebator ™ like the rest of us here. There a reet good bunch here if you need anything just ask and one of us will sort thee aht.

@tog2-0 another theme is “sh1t the bed, these prescription drugs are amazing I’m completely off me tits and don’t give three or four fecks what’s happening” or “did I say that, whoops and MEH (glow sticks, big fish, little fish, worm into big finish……… jazz hands). 😁

2 years ago

And @jcorvec
You’ll also notice how the drugs effect or affect us all differently @doubleo7huds proving the point there 😜😱😜😱😜

2 years ago

Hi @jcorvec ! Can I ask why treatment isn’t an option? The new guidelines show that early intervetion with a DMT is best – read this report

Once you find a treatment that you would like it should be offered.

2 years ago

HellO, I am new here too but not new to MS. ALWAYS NICE TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS!!

2 years ago

Thank you so much everybody! I do not have relapsing ms and am not doing well in many areas. I am 48 years old. Soon I will see the neuro but she said she can’t really help me. Maybe in England and other places there are more treatments for PPMS when Fampyra won’t work, but in Canada there isn’t much. She said she could get me into a Mega-Vitamin ‘Study’….(possibly, and I could just be given a placebo!!!) I have a 12 year old son too who needs his Mom. I need help and can barely get to the toilet, sorry to say. Now I’m arranging ‘homecare’ and looking up wheelchairs that will fit through my doorways… Anybody else in this position?

2 years ago

@jcorvec , it is frustrating as there isn’t really anything for us Progressive types.

There may be options on the horizon, although they may also be for early stage Progressive types and not the older warrior.

We just have to keep fighting, doing what we can and not worrying about what we can’t.

Take care,

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