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Energy crashes, overloaded brain?

Okay something I’ve had for many years and my dad has too. Energy crashes.

It’s hard to explain. But basically from time to time I crash. I’m okay I’m okay then boom. I can’t open my eyes, i feel really heavy. Then I can’t speak I can’t communicate I can’t think right i can’t move.
It can last anything from 10minutes to a few hours.

It does often happen if I’m out , if I’ve travelled or am travelling and if I do too much.
Sometimes I get a few minutes warning but most of the time it’s too late, I lie down if I can and let it take hold.

I can’t fight them if I try I feel like I’ll throw up. If people try to arouse me I feel really ill.i can’t get groans and mumbles.

Often times I just am not myself after eithernfornhours? I can’t concentrate, think straight right and often headaches beside also.

I’m coming out of one just now which is why I’m saying it. But yeah concentration to write this, it’s taken a long time to write it.

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That’s fatigue, it hits all of us differently, but most of us (I think) need to go and lie down for anything from 10 minutes to several hours, but with most of us I think it’s usually 1/2 an hr. but for instance I manage all morning, crash out at lunchtime, sleep for 2-3 hours, then I find I can function again for about 4 hrs, so can usually manage dinner, then crash out on sofa and usually fall asleep watching box, but I have had the beast for 25 years, rrms for 23 years and 18mths of spms, but each of us is different and we need to find out what is ‘normal’ for us, an learn to deal with it on a daily basis.😍

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I have fatigue but this doesn’t feel like fatigue if that makes sense. I mean it does and it doesn’t.
I know the spoon theory thanks. I do try to use it. And I have an OT to work in the fatigue I have…

My gp keeps saying it’s just my brain protecting itself aka shutting down. Because I feel fine before hand I just crashes within minutes. Where as normally my fatigue is there all day and just get worse but not generally like this. It doesn’t bulldoze me. It’s just there and builds up til I’m forced to lie down and nap, but it’s much more gradual…

My dad has the same issue he’s not got ms, but has neurological conditions , and he’s been told the same, that it’s his brain protecting itself because it’s overstimulated.

Sorry I get so confused because I’ve heard so many different ways of saying it and fatigue has always been suggested as separate from this.

1 year ago

@elliesmith , fatigue can come in two flavours, physical fatigue and mental fatigue.

Our brains are already working overtime in trying to get messages to and from our nerve endings, whilst trying to circumvent MS damage. With the amount of information our brains have to process in our waking hours, you can start to understand how this “overload” occurs.

Having an understanding of the problem gives us a chance of managing it. 😉

1 year ago

@elliesmith, sounds scary and very inconvenient to have such an extreme fatigue response as to become so abruptly and completely physically and mentally incapacitated.

I don’t know why I’m always surprised at how much of a mental toll decision making, conversation, breathing, concentrating on steps, etc can be. Throw in a little stress or try to multitask and 💥, overload.

It’s sure hard not to go go go while one’s feeling good though … despite the price we know we’re going to have to pay eventually, even days later!

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