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Hi, just wondering if any of you are currently studying or undertaking any courses? Does MS ever effect your ability to learn and remember? I’m currently in the 1st year of a 3 year MSc course (PT while working a 40 hour week) and would be just love to get to the end without any interruption from MS.

@dominics I’ve seen you mention studying in your comments – can you share any advice with me?

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5 months ago

@katrinaf93 more than happy to. Did a full-time MSc at Sheffield. The science end of political sciences. To save the forum the grisly – and hugely boring to most – details I’ll send you my public email via PM.

5 months ago

I’m currently doing an access course to start a degree in October, it is hard because I’m studying as well working and bringing up my munchkins. I’m very much on catchup all the time, my MS doesn’t make it hard to think, I’m just tired, takes a lot of motivation to do it when I’m tired. Keep going 😊.

5 months ago

@chezy17 yaas! thank you for this. You’re smashing it. It’s just a lot to do with determination isn’t it? We can do this! xx

5 months ago

@katrina93 I assume you have informed your uni about your ms? They will not share the info with anyone you don’t want them to and you will get extra help and extra time on assignments if you need it.👂😍

5 months ago

Hi @katrinaf93

I agree with you, much of your success will be due to your level of determination. I’ve recently completed a masters at Cass Business School whilst having a full time job. My diagnosis happened mid-course causing me to sit an exam with only one eye working.

One thing was for sure, I wasn’t going to let MS get in my way. I did have to seek a delay in submitting one essay by a month as swallowing the diagnosis was causing a bit of mental indigestion (I wasn’t too proud to ask).

All the best with your studies.


5 months ago

Hi @katrinaf93,

@studentandms might be able to help you with this.

Also, we did a series about studying and MS last year which may be helpful. You can view them here:

5 months ago

Thanks for tagging me in this @amyshift .

Hi @katrinaf93 I am a student too and was diagnosed during my first year of study and arrived in September with no vision in my left eye (Optic Neuritis). I, therefore, had a quick learning curve to climb and how to get additional support and get the most out of my studies. The videos above are helpful but I’d be happy to chat more specifically with you if you’d find that helpful?

Studying with MS is definitely possible, it just looks slightly different to how other people go about it. You shouldn’t have to give up your studies at all, instead, just make a few changes to get the most out of it.

You’ve got this!


5 months ago

@katrina93 It’s a lot of determination and alot of selfmotivation, you just have to keep at it 😁. My tutor is aware of my MS so should I need the extra time it’s there 😊. Keep plugging away at it chick 😊. X

5 months ago

Hi @katrina93,

I’ve literally just completed my PhD with minor corrections, and published two academic papers along the way. I’ve also lived a full life and got married. I didn’t get diagnosed until my final year and so certainty had symptoms during my studies, and probably throughout my undergraduate too. My advice would be to go for it! Universities ect are very understanding of disabilities and should do everything to assist you and accommodate any difficulties you have. All the best and good luck 😁

4 months ago

I am year 3 education and childhood studies, and I have concentration problems, brain fog, forget what word I want to say or forget keyboard shortcuts. Uni are very helpful but it definitely does impact on my studies, especially with the stress of it all!!

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