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Drug choices

Dear all , Hi I’m new here and newly diagnosed although I’ve personally known for a year that I had Ms . Apart from being angry that maybe the use of my right hand could have been saved if doctors had taken me seriously 2 years ago , I now have several symptoms , heavy legs, feeling of ants crawling over my arm, feeling of burning like nettles on both thighs when I walk, and now a rigid torso and dead spots on my back as well as numbness starting on my left hand. After a brain scan last September , I was given my diagnosis 3 weeks ago ( sorry state of the NHS) and have been offered a choice of two drugs , aubagio or tecfidera.
I currently take a high dose of Vitamin D which this week has been disputed to help and lions mane mushroom powder which aids myelination , as well as sage , vit b and a daily spoonful of sauerkraut .
I m finding my numbness so depressing as I am a musician , or was, as well as not being able to hold a badminton or tennis racquet , anyways I just wanted to know if anyone had any guidance on the drugs I’ve been offered , Aubagio or Tecfidera . Thank you G x
Ps I’m 53 yrs old diagnosed RRMS

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2 months ago

Hi and welcome to the club.
Please feel free to ask anything you like we’ll try and find an answer one way or another.
I’ve attached a link that gives you a run down on meds.
I use tecfidera with a few side effects every now and again, but nothing drastic.
But every one is different, just bear that in mind.
And it won’t make you any better, it’s to slow it down to stop you getting worse.

2 months ago

Hi @gm16, I am 53, RRMS too and on Tecfidera. Dr Aaron Boster on Youtube gives you his opinion – not advice – on his favoured DMDs (from a US perspective, but meds are the same) Dr Boster is a highly credible source of info for us here on Shift. You could ask for a referral for neurophysio but – matey – this is not the best time for approaching the exhausted NHS for anything at the mo as lots of MS services are being redeployed. Both Tec and Aubagio will have posts from other Shifters, if you enter the words in the search box above. All the best!

2 months ago

As above I second the advice to check out the playlists on Dr Boster’s You Tube channel and what he has in the videos. I also encourage you to use the little magnifying glass in the upper left to search for previous discussions- that can be very useful. With all the DMTs now available, thankfully, these aren’t two that I have used but many in the group have.

2 months ago

@highlander,@vixen,@itme. Thank you for advice and the welcome Ive searched for info on here and yes it all seema personal as so different dor each case.
Take care all x

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