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Don’t know how to feel

I was diagnosed a little over 7 months ago with RRMS this came as a shock to me because I only ever sever back pain and some loss of feeling in my legs what I thought was normal because it’s always been that way but once my doctor noticed I was admired to hospital for further tests I was given 2 mri scans and a lumber puncture that showed positive to ms I was givin the news on my 21st birthday I took it very hard as I thought it must be wrong I’m only 21 this can’t be happening I try to put a brave face on for my family and friend and pretend I’m okay because I don’t know how to really tell them that this news has made me extremely depressed I’ve kept it to myself for 7 months now and I thought it would get easier but it doesn’t I’m on infusion treatment every 4 weeks but these make my moods worse they seem to make me angry and I don’t feel any different or any better for taking them I’ve told the ms nurses their but they still said I have to give it a chance and stay on it a bit longer I don’t know what to do as my moods are driving people away and this is making me even more depressed as people don’t understand

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1 year ago

Good evening Megan.
It’s great to reach out. We are listening
Vent here. inhale…exhale..tomorrow is another day. Keep ur head up. Yes it sucks. Keep your loved ones close and always speak openly with them.
Best. Jorge

1 year ago

@megan_foulds , will you go and have a chat with your GP about your moods? Having MS is a huge burden to bear. And, it does take some time to get used to the weight of it.

It’s important that we’re in the right mental state to carry this burden around. Anti-depressants are part of most MSers toolkits. I know they’re in mine, part of my daily routine, and I’ve had MS for over 30 years!

Just be patient with yourself because you’re still in the early stages of reaching acceptance of the fact that you have MS. Family and friends will find it hard to discuss and relate to as awareness of MS is severely limited. They can’t understand how you’re feeling and how your symptoms affect you.

Your prognosis must be pretty good. They’ve caught your MS early, you’re at a young age and you’re on a powerful Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT). There’s never a good time to get a diagnosis of MS, but if you’re going to, then now isn’t a bad time. There are now treatments which weren’t available ten years ago and so much more is understood.

I hope this makes you feel a bit better, but do go and see your GP. 😉

1 year ago

If you are getting steroids infusion then anger and irritability makes sense. They made me really crazy and I could not sleep. Hang in there I feel for you.

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