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1 year ago

They are only designed to slow progression, not help with symptoms. Some people notice their symptoms improving though. Hope this helps!

1 year ago

Hi Rachel

I think by stopping relapses, and giving your brain to recover from the inflammation; in-turn it gives time and room for improvements to take place.

Untreated, the brain gets inflamed and is overworked dealing with the ongoing damage.

When a DMT works, not only stopping relapses, but it also reduces the inflammation and the brain is under less stress&strain.

the process of remylenation, which can help us recover from the symptoms. Is going to be more effective, when there is less on going damage (by using a DMT) and reducing the inflammation.

So while they don’t directly reduce symptoms, they can indirectly.

1 year ago

They help- by increasing the time between relapses and reducing the severity of the relapses.

Essentially, they slow down disease progress. The current thinking seems to be to Rx the most appropriate one as soon as practicable after a diagnosis has been confirmed.

Remylenation – the recovery of the damaged nerve sheath – is one of the holy grail aims of research. Presently your body can re-cover the damaged sheath but only with scar tissue, which is not as effective as ‘proper’ myelin.

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