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Are there any major differences between the SWANK and OMS diets? I mean results wise.
Also, I’m not a big fan of dairy, I can give or take milk and all that but goats cheese is my Kryptonite. Do either diet let you keep goats cheese?
I’m more interested in results than cheese but if I could keep my cheese and still get optimal results I’d be the happiest girl in the land.

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3 months ago

@nakedandafraid , there’s not a one-size-fits-all answer, so it’s best to try trial and error. But, bear in mind that the healthier the diet, the better you should feel.

It may be best to keep a food diary, then you can track back when you’re having a bad day and try and identify the potential cause.

3 months ago

@nakedandafriad what’s the oms diet I’m always messing round with diets my hard part is I work nights and boredom eat x

3 months ago

@karlsohare Overcoming MS diet. It’s a lot of clean eating and keeping clear of different proteins that might affect your myelin. I’m still reading up on both to get a better idea. Sorry I don’t have more info for you x

3 months ago

@nakedandafraid I am currently reading the book and got to the Diet part today. I have not done the actual diet but since I have been diagnosed, i have eliminated red meat, dairy & gluten. It isn’t easy at all but for me it made such a difference! I was crazy about cheese and unfortunately only have it if I order a gluten free pizza.

Still reading more on the OMS Diet and hope to follow it more!

3 months ago

There are so many diets Iv been doing the med diet which is ok but boring iv also cut down on red meat not been able to cut it out totally as yet but trying. Also been doing less carbs more protein which helps loads x

2 months ago

Been on Swank since diagosed 15 yrs now. Gave up red meat when I was given the prognosis and haven’t looked back. Found I ,walked better and my co-ordination so much better
Earlier this year dx with Gluten Intolerance….but feel so much better off gluten and wheat including balance and memory….plus dropped some weight too..far less stomach probs,hosp admissions…and my skin is so clear.
Yes, diet plays a huge part with me…..I’m also a very allergic person to foods,meds etc..odd disease this, but we certainly are what we eat. Listen to your own body over everything else.

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