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Hi again everyone!

Upon doing research all I keep seeing is people controlling their MS via diet and holistic healing.

I asked my Neuro about how much diet can contribute towards relapse and remission and he just said oh theres not enough research but just maintain a balanced lifestyle.

I have seen that a lot of people have tried Keto and Plant-based diet with seafood incorporated into it.

I feel like I need to start understanding my body all over again and knowing what nutrients my body needs.

Has anyone else changed to plant-based/keto diets, if so how much has it helped as I know I will need to put a lot of concentration and focus into my diet.

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11 months ago

I’m following the vegan+seafood plan since Jan following my diagnosis. My neurologist is happy for me to be on the plan as it’s generally quite healthy.

I’m not 100% convinced that it’s the solution to everything but it’s something that I can be proactive about and as I’m still a newbie I need to be proactive as part of my coping mechanism! If it could stave off me having more issues in the future – even a tiny amount – then (and generally being healthier will I’m sure do that!) I’m all for it!

Besides -the meat alternatives now are amazing! With small changes you don’t really have to change your lifestyle too much.

I’ve lost a bit of weight since going on the plan and my last MRI showed no new lesions and ‘minimal white matter’ compared to 2 lesions and 1 enhanced one on my first MRI. I’ve still only had the one relapse that I’m aware of. My MS is in the super early stages so maybe my previous diet will have garnered the same results – who knows. I’m in camp ‘try anything’ – and the diet change is a relatively easy method to try IMO!

11 months ago

Why don’t you try it for a bit – what harm can it do?

11 months ago

Is there a specific plan that you have started following or have you made the food plan up yourself?

I only tend to eat white fish like cod and salmon. I’m a big fan of cheese and I think I might find it hard going completely cold turkey and cutting everything out. Once I have my follow up this week and decide what treatment I will need to go on I can then start to make the changes.

I also train 2-3 times a week as I know how important it is to keep your body and core strong.

Also can anyone recommend what supplements I should be taking? I’m currently taking Vitamin D at the moment as I had a really low deficiency in it and also have regular B12 injections.

11 months ago

I’ve used the OMS plan as a guide but have pretty much just kept to a low sat fat diet. I allow myself the option of eating the things that I want as long as I eat no more than 15g of sat fat (so I don’t feel too restricted).

I used to be a cheese maniac (chocolate too!) as well but as a slice of cheese is around 4-5g of sat fat, to me it’s just not worth it! I’m all about quantity rather than quality when it comes to food, so i’d rather stuff my face with lots of low sat fat food!

I’ve pretty much ignored every bit of advice regarding exercise. I know this has proven to be a key point to helping with MS but I just HATE excerise. sooooo boring! I know I’ll need to address this at some point but just not right now. 😉

Regarding supplements – I’m taking…. VIT D 8k ui, B12 1000mcg, Cod Liver Oil and a general Multivit.

11 months ago

@pbains17 , diet and complementary therapies are always topics of discussion. Diet in particular comes in varying plans. Sometimes, it’s trial and error to find which one suits you best.

Under your original post, there have been some tags added. Selecting either the “Diet” or “Healthy Living” tag will locate previous posts on these subjects. 😉

11 months ago

Hello @pbains17, It’s a bit like choosing a DMT, what suits one doesn’t suit another. The reason I followed Keto originally was to lose the weight I’d put on with Tecfidera. I am now a full-on convert! I would never tell you or anyone else that Keto has an impact on my MS. But the facts are these: I lost two stone and have kept it off for six months. This has profoundly affected my emotional wellbeing. I eat mega healthily and have weaned myself off of a lifetime addiction to sweets and chocolate. I sleep deeper and, very strangely, I am able to get up earlier with no meaning and this has never happened before! I have more energy, and rarely need to speed in the daytime. Some might say it’s the Tecfidera, but I am confident it’s the diet. Because I’ve invested some serious commitment into this new life, I have really educated myself about nutrition and the science behind it. I have permanent, daily MS oddities which I’m stuck with. But I feel really well. Anyway, that’s my take on this matter, hope it helps! X

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