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Denied reasonable adjustments

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well.

I’ve been having a lot of issues with my employer. They know I have MS, but have refused to make any adjustments for me. I’m a school teacher and asked to be taken off duty at lunch time, but they’ve made me feel like I’m the really unreasonable and uncompromising one via very long emails.

Unsure what to do. Would appreciate any advice as I am on the brink of resignation. I’m new to teaching. I don’t find teaching difficult at all, but the extra duties and requirements are difficult for me and my school are refusing to budge.



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1 year ago

@fraction. You shouldn’t be having these problems. Are you in a Union? Get them involved if you are. The fact that you are fairly new to the job shouldn’t make any difference. Please don’t resign. It’s a joint problem, you have cost a lot of money to train, you are a valuable person who deserves all the help you can get. Keep fighting, we’re all on your side and so will others at school and in the Union. Please don’t give up or give in, you are too valuable to loose because some ….hole is ‘following the rules’😍

1 year ago

@fraction , yes, do not resign and also consult your Union.

Your employer is potentially breaking the law by not following the guidance outlined in the Equality Act 2010. You might want to have a read :-

1 year ago

@fraction Do not terminate your own employment. Contact your Union if you are a member of one. The Headmaster of the school should make reasonable adjustments so you can continue your job if you have made him aware of your problems . If all else fails A.C.A.S. will point you in the right direction to resolve the issues.

1 year ago

@fraction. Well, I do not have MS but as mum of an MSer I think this forum is outstanding. This is the first time I have replied to a post, and it is because I am a retired teacher who had real problems getting reasonable adjustments for a different disability. I want to say do not let them get away with it. Do not let them wear you down. Apart from anything else, what sort of example are they setting for students? You have the law on your side, so make sure you use it, make sure you have a good union rep and be prepared to change unions if necessary. As @guiness has said, ACAS are excellent at giving advice.

1 year ago

Don’t you dare Jack…. and I hated school!
The minute you fall out the mould you’re ostracized !
It beggars belief that your own kind are so inflexible….God help the kids then.

No wonder this land is going down hill in an hand cart it’s educated by by a generation taught to pass nothing but exams at all costs.
Very little about human interaction or how to work things out for yourself.
Grrrrr Muppets like them wind me up.
I’m sure you’re union will sort out something
I’ve sent a friend request I can pass over the number of a disability lawyer if you want they work with the MS trust and deal with uneducated employers all the time.
Keep smiling.
Wish you good fortune.

1 year ago


If you quit you not only lose your paycheck but also all employment benefits; they lose nothing. Therefore do NOT quit…

1 year ago

Hello @fraction, what a shame your new career is so jaded. What is the nature of the duty they want you to do? Is it playground supervision or something? If your health is being affected by what they are asking you to do, please ask them to arrange an Occupational Health Assessment as soon as possible; they are obliged to do this. And deffo get on to your union straight away. Good luck, at least it’s half term….x

1 year ago

Fellow teacher /education here. Firstly don’t resign but do start planning your escape route from this school – the management have shown themselves to be a#*holes and even if you win with your union – they will probably do something again.

In a similar situation about reasonable adjustments I spoke with the specialist MS adviser at Disability Law Service which is a non profit.

It is possible to teach and have MS as you have already proved. Playground duty is not core business .

Sending you vibes for the win which you will as you are right and solidarity

1 year ago

@fraction Contact the MS Society, they’ll probably have local reps who can look into this for you. In my experience they’re always happy to help out in any way they can and have members who specialise in employment law.

1 year ago

What is wrong with people? The UK government wants to encourage disabled people back into the workplace and I feel that you are being discriminated against by the school in question! I don’t think I can add to any advice given, but I do hope and pray that it goes very well for you.
Keep fighting the good fight.

1 year ago

Are you under occupation health they should support you with a health plan in work to meet your needs given you have MS it is a duty . Stumbler is spot on read the equality Act
Good luck. X🙅‍♀️

1 year ago

We’ve been in touch before -my wife is a teacher who has gone through a very similar path to you.

Her school management have been great, despite her school having many pressing issues (due to the demographic in the local area). I agree with everything said on this forum so far:

– Your line managers are not allowed to discriminate you directly or indirectly.
– Get your union involved.

The only thing I may add is that if they are being pedantic bring clear evidence with every request stating why you want a certain change – don’t just rely on stating your condition. For my wife, she was always given the troublesome classes as she was good at turning them around…to the detriment of her stress and anxiety levels. That situation is obviously a complete no-no now and has been dealt with now she is no-longer the go-to person for problem groups. But she is still delivering the same outputs, albeit with less ‘challenging’ classes.

Good luck!

1 year ago

I am a 21 year teacher going through this and more at work. Thank goodness for my strong union. Would love to connect and give:/ get support. This has been an emotional journey.

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