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Dealing with MS

Hi all
So this fall we found out that my brother has ms – his in his late 20 and the symptoms came out of nowhere.
Naturally we were all upset but as the days went by i learned more about MS and my brother himself is a doctor so he is fully aware of the situation.
Still I find it very difficult to deal with it. I get very upset about it, I keep reminding my self that it’s going to be fine and he will be okay. But somehow I just can’t help but find myself super sad and anxious about the whole situation.
I havnt told many people either about it either . have you told many people about your ms?
So now he has decided to do the Lemtrada treatment and we are two days in and he seems very well (thank god). Tomorrow we are going in for his third day, and I’m with him everyday as moral support.
I just want to know that everything will be okay.
Any word of encouragement?

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1 year ago

First of all – how is your brother dealing with it? Has he managed to wrap his head around it a little bit?

From the medical point of view – I’ve had a talk with my mum whose a biologist and she was terrified with MS based on the data from 1980-2000 (no dmts, sometimes decades to get a DX).

It prompted me into looking at advances in managing MS, and it really seems to have boomed in the last 15 yrs. It really is a different disease than what it was in the past, and
hopefully, the next 15 will be even more fruitful and we will be able to completely halt the progression of the disease (regeneration of the damaged myelin is a dream).

Generally, yeah, its shit to be diagnosed with it, but it’s much better than it was a decade or two ago, so we’re heading in the right direction, I’d say.

And, your brother is a young guy, so – hopefully – with the right choice of DMTs he will get on well until a breakthrough happens.

I can tell you that since starting tysabri a couple of months ago, all of my symptoms have subsided, I feel better than I felt in years, and I plan to keep it that way. Lemtrada seems to be even more efficacious for many people, so fingers crossed for him and you!

1 year ago

Thank you.

He is actually doing good and is positive about it. He has changed his life style and eats super clean and works out etc. So I’m happy to see that he takes it super serious.

He is pushing though everyday with this treatment and knows the benefits.

I just can’t help being I guess afraid for him but that’s my own battle to fight.

1 year ago

Hi there, what great fortune to have you as a sibling! It would see that he has done all the right things so far. You owe it to both of you not to be too anxious though; ultimately this is only to bad effect for both of you. Being a doctor. He will be surrounded by bright and inovative people, with their fingers on the research posts so that’s a real advantage. Stay strong, and cherish good health and fine experiences. These things are irreplaceable x

1 year ago

What a great sister you are! ☺ I think what you do is exactly right. Be there for him and show your support. I noticed a lot of people can’t really deal with it properly and seem to ignore and deny it rather than to talk about it. I felt sometimes that people don’t take me seriously when I tried to explain how I feel. And of course for someone that hasn’t got ms it is really hard to understand I get that too. I think the most important thing for your brother is that he knows he has people behind him with love and support. And it’s ok to have bad days sometimes. There are good days to follow ☺ as long as he maintains a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind- he can handle everything. I too finished round 1 of lemtrada and feel really good about it so far. Let him rest and make sure he drinks loooots of water. Sending some positive light to you and your brother- you have got this ❤

1 year ago

@m1b4 , great advice above.

I would second the advice to ensure that your brother has the correct level of hydration. three litres a day is suggested, to flush out the drugs and the bad “T” and “B” cells.

Your brother has age and quick treatment on his side, so hopefully the prognosis is good.

Good luck to both of you.

1 year ago

Thank you guys! Appreciate it. Glad I found this site.

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