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Daily Briefing Covid-19 [3rd April 2020]

Здравствуйте (Zdravstvuyte),

Odd how there seems to be little mention of Covid-19 in Russia. It isn’t known for information transparency and apparently there are c. 2800 cases in a massive country. Seems reliable info is hard to come by.
MS News
We interviewed Prog G today on his last working day as a full-time MS doc. On Monday he is reporting for duty on a ward that is one below the ‘worst-case’ ward. His biggest fear is having to intubate (shove a wretched great tube down your throat – well, that is what it seems to me) as it is apparently a bit of a skill that you need to keep up with. Not something one does in day-to-day MS Clinic by the sounds of things.

It is likely to be out the end of next week as the small Shift.MS team is working flat out on all sorts of things.

If you want to ask the experts questions yourself – a mental health focus so a lot I imagine about staying sane and not throttling the people you are confined with (I tried slipping gin to Mrs S’ tea. She was v unhappy with me so ‘ll have to try another calming strategy.) – hen sign up at the Neurology Academy.
Social Things
As any baker knows, flour is in shorter supply than loo-roll. It was like a secret club today when Mrs S was talking to a colleague who said that she knew where to get strong white flour. I rand the dealer, got two bags put aside and drove 20 min to a farm shop in the sticks and came away clutching two – to overpriced – bags of flour. I was chortling away. What weird times we are in…

I think with this sudden urge for home baking there will be an unintended uptick in house fires. Just saying. However, the Trumpton (The Water Fairies – as we used to refer to them in the police) have full breathing apparatus that they love to put on so I can’t imagine they’ll be too sad.

Have managed to write this entire missive whilst having a painfully convoluted web chat with Amazon. They are suspending phone calls. It is very hard going.

I have a new bucket list thing – it involves food – and that is going to a proper BBQ place in Texas.

Stay safe, y’all.

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Texas has good beef but that is also what the Midwest is known for…don’t sell us short up north ;-0 but have to say we do more steak than brisket! Weather is going to be picking up so we could be barbecuing by next week…looking forward to more time outside! I live on a large property so can’t even see a neighbor much less cough or sneeze on them 😉

I haven’t heard of any flour shortages in the US…just TP. Apparently they know what to do with one but not the other?

I’m not sure they want accountants on the Webinar and also if Yankees are welcome…I could try to break in ;-0

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OK, for all those who are squeamish at @dominics meat-fest, here’s a 5-minute veggie alternative using things you likely have in your Covid-cupboard

Wishing Prof G good health as he attends the frontline…..

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@vixen – Ha! Well played. I have some great veggie recipes too. It is just the BBQ brisket – Texas style – that has me fascinated.

I have been doing a lot of baking – my sourdough is coming along. Pity you can post pictures here!

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