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Daily Briefing Covid-19 [25th Mar 2020]

Guten Morgen,

No press conferences of note yesterday. The poor Italians are still battling the disease. In 7-14 days we’ll be in a similar situation. The NHS has c. 5k ICU beds at the moment. In 14 days time, it is estimated – much due to the plonkers ignoring social distancing advice – that there will be a demand for 20k beds minimum. And the people to run them. It ain’t happening.

The single best thing you can do is DON’T GET IT now! Most of us are bound to get it at some point. A very small amount of people – MS or not, it makes no odds really – will need hospital care. We can cope if the demand is flattened. I urge you to roundly abuse people flouting the rules πŸ˜‰

Yesterday was interesting as I interviewed Aaron Boster MD for the Covid-19 series. He is as funny in person. I got him though, and hopefully, that makes the edit! He is a super guy and if you haven’t seen it I urge you to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

We are actually splitting the interview into two as Aaron did an excellent piece just about the drugs. I alluded to it in my replies to the – very understandably – concerned nurses on here. @cazsmith and @thesnailunderfoot – keep your eyes peeled for this. I am not certain of the order in which things are going to be made live. If you are wondering about conflicts in the advice you have been receiving it may be something to use to start a discussion with the people who are giving you directions? Necessarily, they are generalists. Boster is uber-specialised. It is all about you feeling happy about things at the end of the day. I hope it eases any confusion for you.

The site continues to grow apace. You can interact with leading MSologists there and it doesn’t cost a penny. All from your keyboard.
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On a different note: It is 0735h and I am tucking into some warm sourdough that I whacked in the oven at 0630h after an overnight prove in the fridge. Every time I make it it improves. Amazing what you can do with flour, water and salt.

Hot, fresh, crusty bread, and salty butter, nom nom nom. Oh, I am definitely going to need a crane to lift me out when the lockdown is over. It turns out that flour (along with bog-roll) is being restricted by Ocado too! if you don’t want to let your brain atrophy whilst locked up. Use it or lose it. has started a video pal service. Rather wittily called Co-Vid. Lonley? Sign up here:

I remarked to my 17y old daughter that I thought 16k odd views was a lot for the first video I made. Was met with a derisory snort and informed that she had achieved 200k+ views on a TikTok video she had made!!! I enquired – rather hesitantly I must say – as to what one needs to do to achieve those sort of viewing figures? I was breezily told that it was nothing much but primarily one needs to be a lot younger and a lot cooler than I am. That’s me told then. May I see it darling? Don’t be ridiculous Daddy, you wouldn’t get it. I pressed and it turns out she is right. I don’t get it and as far as I can work out it isn’t about anything. Most puzzling what da yoof of today likes πŸ˜‰

Groceries – Ocado particularly as they were set up from the outset so that they are not supposed to be able to offer you items that they won’t have available. The trad supermarkets don’t have the ability to do this, hence orders turning up with inexplicable substitutions or things missing randomly.

Top-tip with Ocado is to log on as soon as you get up. You’ll see the following:

You are in a virtual queue
If you have a delivery booked please wait in the queue to go through and edit your order.

If you do not have a delivery booked, we have very limited availability over the next few days. This is constantly under review and we are releasing slots as soon as they become available.

Once you are on the site, we politely request that you make all changes and complete your order in one session.

You are position 6792 of 13610. Your wait time will be about three hours.

We are very sorry to have to disappoint anyone that chooses Ocado, and we’re working hard to increase our delivery capacity.

This page will automatically refresh in 10 seconds.

If you want to book a delivery slot then do this as you’ll be able to once you make it to the end of the queue and get onto the site.. If there are none then you’ll just need to repeat the process until there are. Very dull but that is our brave new world at the moment.

I looked last night and there are no new slots and the system is not showing dates beyond 2nd April. Just keep checking.

2 weeks ago I booked the only available slot I could find for 1st April so we have just upped our only order – effectively doubling it as we are both in isolation. it is a complete drag as I feel like I am being forced into over-stocking. Our little flat is going to have food in every nook and cranny πŸ™

To all the NHS, Police, Fire, Ambo, Supermarket, military etc workers out there, I for one want to thank them. This is the new war. They are like the young men and women of the armed forces on a frontline somewhere. Risking themselves for us. I am v grateful. If you know anyone that is doing this for us, please let them know just how appreciated they are.

To chill out, check out these libraries. I love a good library and got some of my best work done at the Sackler Library in Oxford. Before anyone had realised their role in the US Opioid Crisis!

Take care peeps. Don’t ask me for sourdough advice, I am only a page ahead of you in the book!

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2 months ago

@domnics Every cupboard I open in the kitchen has Biscuit flavoured Yorkshire tea in it and I do not even like it, black coffe all the way! But my daughter ( 30and still at home!!!) does and they are hers.
Moral is not to open kitchen cupboards.

Great writing as usual.

Remember folks STAY AT HOME

2 months ago

What’s Ocado that people keep talking about? I feel like missing out on something!
*off to ask Google.

2 months ago – food delivery. The first from-scratch fully online supermarket in the UK.

2 months ago

Thanks as always, @dominics

2 months ago

Thanks @dominics πŸ˜‰ As always love to check in on your daily updates. I have someone from Shift MS reaching out to me to figure out how to get more US involvement on the site…but, I ask, do you really want that ;-0 seriously, I know these people and escaped to Shift MS…just kidding. I will advise as I can-

BUT- I can’t see the video on Dr Boster’s site and have been so looking forward to it. I don’t see it in his playlists, etc. Could you provide a direct link to the exact video? From your link I just get to the playlist and can’t find it in there…

Thanks! still bunkered in at the farm in Wisc/USA

2 months ago

I did see this additional article today about how Covid19 can spread through the air further than we thought and stay on surfaces longer…I expect guidelines to be increased so think it is worth sharing so people are aware now and can further distance and take increased precautions before the Govt advises or enforces:

2 months ago

Thank you @itsmewithms

2 months ago

@dominics do you have the direct link to the new Dr Boster video for/with shift MS? I don’t see it out there-

2 months ago

@itsmewithms Not out yet. AFAIK The editing post-production stuff is shift.Ms , nothing to do with me!

2 months ago

OK…I’ll try to be patient. Not one of my better traits but I’m workin at it πŸ˜‰

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