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Could this be a relapse?

I am currently awaiting a diagnosis of the type of MS I have (RRMS or Primary Progressive). To me it looks like it’s PPMS but I know I’m a long way off getting that answer as my symptoms only started a few months ago.

My question is can some symptoms remain even after your first relapse? My first / main symptom was really painful / weak legs, it got worse over a week or two and then slowly got better, I was also getting pins and needles, muscle twitches / spasms and a fine tremor. Like I said my legs are mostly fine now but the fine tremor is still there as well as the pins and needles and twitches. Does this mean it is most likely PPMS as I still have symptoms? (It’s been about 4 months) I also get pain in my back and burning feelings etc but they come and go. Some days they’re there some days they’re not.
I know nobody here is a neurologist but any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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10 months ago


From my experience as someone with RRMS, it is possible for symptoms to persist after a relapse. As I understand it, this could be because there is neurological activity that is not being removed by the DMT (if you are on one) or the residual nerve damage caused by the relapse.

To help with this, you make be prescribed steroids or physical therapy (I find yoga the most helpful).

I don’t think any of this indicates whether you are RRMS or PMS.

10 months ago

I have RR and have been on a DMD for approx 6 months. I have not had new symptoms but my old ones flare up depending on sleep, business of my day, change to routine and my monthly cycle. Oh and change in temperature. No idea if this sounds familiar but my neurologist and nurses confirmed this is pretty normal.

10 months ago

@mgriffiths5 @laura-forde I am not currently on a DMD as they’re unsure what type it is at the minute. But most of the symptoms I have now are constant eg the tremor and sensory symptoms, I’m wondering if maybe the initial leg weakness and pain pay have been unrelated and this is perhaps the start of PPMS

10 months ago

@ariana98 , stop trying to second guess the professionals. MS is a progressive condition no matter what variant you are eventually diagnosed with.

So, concentrate on living a healthy life and stop worrying about the cosmetics of MS. Stress is bad for us and is best avoided.

10 months ago

This uncertainty must be very difficult to handle. I am sorry.

I do think the way that PPMS is described on some of the MS sites is unhelpful.

In my opinion, this video is a much more helpful description of what is going on

You may want to take a look at that, to better understand the pathology of PPMS?

10 months ago

I think sometimes the way the lines are drawn between the “types” isn’t that helpful or applicable to all. I do understand the desire to put a label on yourself and it may be necessary to have a DMT prescribed but in reality anyone with progressive forms may see them relax for a period so have them appear to Remit for a period or slow their progression so they look like RRMS. I think it was in one of the Aaron Boster youtubes he basically said these labels were losing meaning for specific individuals.

Do what you can for you every day. Eating right, doing what exercise you can, maintaining your positivity and relationships, following your DMT plan and if it helps you in your journey establish and track an MS Diary.

10 months ago

Your hopefully getting some answers honey with MS theres really no right or wrong if you have got diagnosed with MS pins and needles “yes” weak legs “yes” it really depends on where the lesions are in your brain and how many lesions is there !!! My name is Lisa i was diagnosed when i was 52 im now 62 i do suffer from weak legs im still walking but NO run !!! So my sister got the wores she was in her 20s and now shes 64 and is bed
bedridden !!! Bottem line do your research google is our friend learn stay as healthly as possible best to you !!! Lisa

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