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Hi all. Just wondering if you can clear something up for me as getting confused!!! What is actually classed as a relapse? As to me I have had 1 relapse since diagnoses in march, which I was told was not a relapse!!! Woke up with slurry speach and the ride side of my face had dropped like I had had a stroke!!!
Recently my eyes have gone shadowy again so thought my ON had came back, going for an mri tomorrow to see what is going on, but again I have been told this is not a relapse!!! So im very confused as I was told that everone was different and a relapse could be anything!!!

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8 months ago

I’m not sure how to identify a relapse either. I’ve had 3 MRIs in the past 7-8 months and each one has shown new activity and lesions, neurologist sorta leaned towards them being relapses but I haven’t felt much different in-between the scans, it’s all a bit confusing

8 months ago

@coralellis @lukezni
Up above you’ll find some boxes relating to the things that you mentioned, click on the one marked relapse and that’ll take you a definition of a relapse.
Hope this helps 😀

8 months ago

I typed’ clinical definition of an MS relapse ‘ into Google. The results are good and are easy to understand to v v technical.

8 months ago

Hi @coralellis and all above. I have been diagnosed nearly three years and have yet to understand what a relapse is. I have often been signposted to the MS Society and others descriptions, but to be frank, none of them make any sense to me. My neuro says I will ‘know’ when I have a relapse. I think that the line between a flare-up, exacerbation, episode and relapse is really blurry. The main thing is, since the second I got diagnosed following my initial first episode, I have never felt there was anything remitting about those first symptoms. I have them, all day, every day, they never remitted at all. I guess the only difference is I have improved on energy levels, through diet and modified exercise.

What I feel, is that the further away from diagnosis I travel, the more I will understand this condition. And how it affects me. Sorry this is not much help, but at least you know you are in mystified company! Hope you feel OK soon and get things back on track x

8 months ago

@coralellis I agree with what @vixen says, you will get to understand your particular MS and it’s symptoms way better than the Neuro’s. I have been frustrated so many times when I’m essentially told by the professionals that it “doesn’t sound like a relapse” when the one thing we know about MS is that it’s different for everyone. You will learn to recognise when symptoms are ones that you’ve had before just flaring up for whatever reason, and when they are new, and you will learn to recognise when YOU think you need help (steroids) or when you think it’s best to ride it out. I have pretty much reached the point where I just tell my MS nurse I need a course of steroids and she gets it okayed. Learn to trust yourself more than anybody else. xx

8 months ago


I’ve always defined a relapse as all of your current symptoms hitting you all at once, along with new ones from out of nowhere.

8 months ago


You’ve described my symptoms that I suffered way bk in 2006. Face drop as tho one had suffered a stroke.

My neurologist informed me I was suffering a relapse.
Each relapse leaves it’s Mark…. For me my lips more down on left side to right when I relax em.

You really need to trust your own judgement it’s your body it’s you that knows best what you’re experiencing. x

8 months ago

I get told it has to be new symptoms by my nurse, yet MS society doesn’t describe it as that, I’ll go with the society 😃

8 months ago

Thank you all for the comments. It was a stroke specialist who has organised my mri and he only ordered it monday!!! I will start to listen to my body abit better and trust my gut. Thank you again. X

8 months ago

Hi there @coralellis – did a series about detecting a relapse you might find helpful. Here is the link:

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