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8 months ago

Yes, I take 3,000mgs of vitamin c per day and never get any colds which make me ill

8 months ago

Every time I get the slightest cold / sniffles it affects my balance and posture. Furthermore, it seems to take me ages to get over absolutely anything.

I think working within the Higher Education sector probably doesn’t help when many 1000’s of new students arrive ever September from all over, many with their own local strains of bugs. Sept through to Xmas is often referred to as flu season. Though I doubt its more than a common cold 99% of the time.

I just keep looking on the bright side, think about buying some shares in Kleenex, blow my nose again and carry on regardless. 🙂

8 months ago

Yes when I get a cold all my MS symptoms are so much worse- painful and heavy legs, poor balance, extreme fatigue so basically I try to avoid getting a cold. I become obsessive with hygiene and take so many supplements, high dose vitamin D, echinacea, astragalus and a multi vitamin. It works but quite expensive!

Yup, currently have a cold, keep loosing my words, exhausted, and couldn’t even walk the 10minutes to the school run today.

8 months ago

@rachiervn1983 , when out bodies deal with an infection, our compromised immune systems are activated. This can make our MS symptoms play up.

This is referred to as a “pseudo-exacerbation”, a temporary worsening of our MS symptoms until the the underlying infection is cleared.

It’s why the annual flu jab is important to us MSers. We are entitled to a free jab in the UK, as a member of a vulnerable group.

7 months ago

I take plegridy which gives me flu like symptoms every two weeks. I struggle with balance takes me two days to get over does anyone else get this.

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