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Coenzyme Q10

Hi I was just google-ing “how to beat MS fatigue” after feeling cross with myself for sleeping half the afternoon when I came across Coenzyme Q10 which seems to have some good results……….Have any of you MS ers tried it?

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5 months ago

@janeybike , there’s been a few previous conversations, mention co-enzyme Q10.

You can find these previous conversations by using the Forum Search function (magnifying glass, top left) and searching for “Q10”.

I have tried it myself, sometime ago and didn’t notice any difference.

5 months ago

I take one gel CQ10 pill a day and it seems to help me. Give it a try for a couple of months and see if it works for you. What have you got to lose. Potter

5 months ago

Hi Potter, what does the Q10 do for you.? I’ve been taking it for 2 weeks so far and am still waiting/hoping for it to have been worth the effort and expense! Fingers crossed..

5 months ago

Jane I buy my supplements off of ebay, it saves me a lot of money. I am not sure what it does for me but I have had only one relapse in eleven years and it was considered a mild one. My neuro told me to keep doing what I am it is working for me. I also take alpha lipoic acid and biotin twice a day. I tried cutting back on the biotin but my nerves in my legs started buzzing all of the time. I went back to twice a day and the buzzing went back to its normal status. CQ10 is also sold as a supplement for your heart, my dad had heart problems so I could probably use a some extra protection. Potter

4 months ago

@janeybike – apart from the guaranteed side-effect of lightening your wallet significantly Q10 seems to be an unproven med. By this I don’t mean that it doesn’t work for some. Often the effect of doing something is very strong and proveable.

There is no dispute about the correlation between the belief that you are doing something positive and the related effects. That has been well researched.

Another thing that has been researched is the (lack of) accuracy of manufacture of non-prescription supplements. The results were rather alarming insofar as you have no guarantee of the accuracy of dose, the quality of the active ingredient or the production process with regards to, say, cross-contamination. There is no regulation process in the way that preparations available on prescription are required to come under.

I take Vit D3 10000iu every other day (Cholocalciferol) on prescription from my GP, for those reasons. I still pay a Rx charge so little cost difference but I do know it is a reliable dose. Q10 is not on Rx.

Exercise, esp swimming, has worked v v well for me and others at reducing fatigue. It is a proven effect and has other positive effects as well.

I also get Modafinil 200mg once a day on Rx. This is prescribed off-label so if your GP is a rule-taker from the CCG they may fob you off. Mine is great as they seem to delight in needling the CCG if it is of patient benefit. For me that has stabilised and reduced many of the effects of fatigue and cog-fog.



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