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CBT Too good to be true

Saw my ms nurse this morning. Apparently I’m not the only one who has asked about this since the news broke about the government legalising it for ‘medical’ purposes ‘quel surprise’ She said they have no access and no-one will talk to them about it, apparently they are hit with a brick wall at every turn. Thought it was too good to be true. Should be used to it by now, my gp won’t even prescribe vit d for me. The ms nurse told me what the recommended dose is, and she has agreed to check it on the next blood test, but she has to ‘prove’ to the gp that I’m below a certain level and then he might. Looks like buying it myself again😡

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The vit D is only prescribed to get your levels back up, then to maintain it is over to you. Thats what they told me

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@grandma. the NHS always takes its time to implement anything. It’s the nature of the beast!

It’s OK Sajid Javid announcing that it will be available, but he doesn’t have to manage the logistics.

Here’s what I use for Vitamin D :-

£12.97 for a year’s supply ain’ t bad………

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@stumbler it’s ok Sajid Javid announcing that it will be available but do we have to be at Deaths Door to acquire ?

1 year ago

@grandma I went in for treatment yesterday and asked my research nurse the same question. Apparently oils are in clinical research trials at the moment but only for epilepsy and muscle spasms. There will only be very limited consultants who will be able to prescribe. In my clinic alone there is an 18 month waiting list to see this consultant.
No trials are currently underway for pain benefits, which is why I use cannabis.
Basically don’t believe the media hype, things are changing but no time soon.

1 year ago

@grandma It’ll take ages for the trials and then to inform and educate doctors, nurses etc. You’d better of researching it yourself online. There are people who have used it for years for medical purposes that would be better off informing patients but that won’t happen. You’re looking for CBD not CBT by the way. There are a few places you cam get it online. I can point you in the right direction if needed. I use it myself, cannot recommed it enough for fatigue and a mood lifter. Also if I feel aches or tingles coming on I cam usually nip them in the bud with a couple of drops.

I hope your search is fruitful x

1 year ago

Mandy at Healing Connection is very knowledgeable and a very sincere kind hearted lady. Affordable prices for consultation and advice and links to where to buy CBD

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