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CBD Oil and MS Nerve Pain

I find this product interesting, the reviews I have read have been very positive and I thought I would give it a try.
I have RRMS but periodically I have been getting nerve pain in my arm. I thought it was due to my working position at a computer but my consultant thinks not.
Ordered some CBD oil online and am trying it for the first time. The pain is normally periodic, a few weeks, maybe months and then disappears, not debilitating however, I wont let it.
I dont let it limit me (except going to the gym), but its becoming frustrating.

Has anyone else had any experience with CBD oil?

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1 year ago

Hi if you use the magnifying glass top left and type in CBD oil in it’ll take you to other posts made about it.
But before you go spending your cash on it there are meds you can be prescribed for this from your GP or MS nurse. Might be worth having a chat with them first.

1 year ago

Hi @highlander and thanks for the reply.

It wasnt too expensive and the ocrevus I started on Tuesday should sort it too.

Interesting to see what the CBD oil does to other symptoms.

1 year ago

Hi, i use cannabis nearly every night its great for pain and helps me sleep, i have use cbd oil when i go on holiday it really helps me sleep and with pain but i have only ever used it at night, i only get pain at night some people say it doesn’t work for them everyone is different, i was told to buy cbd oil 10% or over , hope it helps you.

1 year ago

@Simon2, thanks for the informing.

1 year ago

@simone2, thanks for the information

10 months ago

Hi cooper first time being on this site even though I was diagnosed 19 years ago . Ms is just a name for symptoms we all have . We’ve all been in the situation of change and break up . I have read your post and you go to the gym which is good but if you can fit in the time for swimming that will help muscle tone and will help you . You don’t have to swim for the olympics just gentle swim a few laps .

10 months ago

I have been using Cbd for years. Israel has a studied and created strains based on multiple sclerosis. Montel Williams has his own line of products. Like us each strain is different and may not work for you. Be sure to look up the strain before trying this route. Based on studies in Israel on this cbd is not enough for the multiple sclerosis. They do recommend a 1:1 ratio cbd:thc which can only be purchased in some countries. The clinics are great for this area for sure though.

10 months ago

I was given a prescription for Gabapentin when I requested it. It is for “nerve pain” and good for spasms and spastacity according to what I have found researching it. I have switched over to the extended release Gralise version. Is another alternative for you to look into. I haven’t tried CBD or asked for it. I am transitioning from Rebif to Ocrevus currently.

10 months ago

Hi @angie 67, thanks for the tip. I must admit I havent been going to the gym recently, unfortunately life gets iin the way but I shall do again of course.
I used to swim and of course the benefits are great.
I hope things are okay with you and I wish you all the best,

8 months ago

@cooper I think I have a similar arm pain to you you.comes on in the evening/night and seems to be caused by repetitive strain from work and daytime activities. I don’t type anymore and dictate everything. I had an initial flare up of the neuropathic pain/spasms before I started alemtuzumab 3 or 4 years ago go and then the alemtuzumab took it away. But now it has re-emerged and I am looking to begin in another DMD drug (more alemtuzumab or ocrevus), but also potentially at CBD oils. they seem to get a healthy reception on here and other platforms. I would just be looking to try something at night. Have you had any joy? This CBD brothers website seems to be good. What strengths have you tried?

8 months ago

Hi @cathy,
Thankyou for your reply.
Things have really settled since taking ocrevus, I have little pain and if I do, the CBD oil seems to manage that.
At the moment I have been pain free for generally for 4 or 5 months now. That is remarkable as within that time the stress of divorce, seeing my kids considerably less and problems with my job have ment my stress levels have been the highest they have ever been.
A positive mental attitude certainly helps too of course, but considering everything, I am very lucky, especially after reading about everyone’s problems on here..
At the moment dizziness and some cognitive things are the only problems, so I am good, I am happy too.
That does not help you though… long ago did you have your first ocrevus infusion?
Although I have limited experience with DMTs, ocrevis being my first, it really does seem to help.
I stopped taking CBD oil about 3 weeks ago and problems are developing again. I have since ordered 600mml strength CBD to help things once again.

8 months ago

@cooperas @highlander mentioned us the magnifying glass. DONT use the CBD from Holland&Barrett as is is so weak. It is a trial and error game as you have to experiment with various sttrengths until you find the right strength for you.

8 months ago

@satsoncraig I get mine from never holland and barrat, thanks though for the info

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