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Can someone point me in the right dorect

Hi guys, I’ve had MS for the past 6 years and in the past 2 years I’ve come to a point I can no longer walk for more than 2/3 steps and then I’d probs collapse. I have really bad problems with bladder so I’m constantly needing to wee bit then struggling to get to the toilet. I do not own my home which means I don’t want to install a stairlift as my contract ends in the next year.
Is there something I can do or anyone I can go to who can help me find a home to fit my needs i.e. council, housing association?
I’m worried my MS is going to progress to the point were I wouldn’t be able to do anything to help myself (not selfish lol)

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6 months ago

@pelican , you need to start a dialogue with the Adult Social Care team at either your Local Council or County Council. Your future needs can then be considered.

As far as walking is concerned, we need to try and carry on walking to avoid muscle wastage, but it must be safe to do so. Consider getting a three or 4 wheeled walker to provide the support you need.

And, do contact your MS Nurse about your urinary incontinence. It can be addressed once we flag that it is a problem.

6 months ago

@pelican Try contacting your local MS Society chapter. They may be able to point you in the right direction. 😊

6 months ago

@pelican stand back and take a deep breath. As Stumbler says you need to get in touch with your council. They will match you up with an occupational therapist. If you are coming to the end of your tenancy agreement, they will hopefully be able to access a ground floor flat, obviating a neeed for a lift. As a rule they have access to a few properties with ramps, wide doorways, lower kitchen units etc., they are very good is a rule and should be able to help. Don’t give up, as @evinmi has said, get in touch with your local ms group try everybody and everything you can think of, once all these things are in process you hopefully feel better as stress is one of the worst things for your ms🙏🏻🥊😜

6 months ago

As stumbler and grandma have suggested phone your local council ask for Adult social services and they will come to assess your needs . Hurry though you may have to wait weeks. This will start the ball rolling. Look on ebay mapper for a walker someone is bound to be selling one in your area or gumtree. Different shapes and heights make it hard to get walkers that suit. I turn my handles around to try to prevent me stooping. Without my walker i would have to cling to walls and outdoors i couldn’t walk at all. This could really help. Best of luck.

6 months ago

Much appreciated guys. Will do everything suggested as of tomorrow and will let you know how I get on! ❤️

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