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Brain fog?

Iv heard of this brain fog and was convinced I experienced it in the beginning but looking back it was probably stress/anxiety.
But just recently Im waking up in the morning and just laying there racking my brain to remember what day it is and if I have anything on that day. I just literally cant get my brain to think straight. Im spending all day anxious that im forgetting something because I just feel like i cant focus properly. Im forgetting names and using the wrong words for things that I know are wrong but I just cant think of the right word! (Had a mini melt down today because I was offering the kids some cucumber sticks and could not think what a cucumber was called!
It doesnt sound very dramatic but it was really scary not being able to think! Hubby is trying to see the funny side but at 32 and with 2 young kiddos, its really stressing me out!
If this is brain fog, is it a phase? Is it a flare up? Iv not really had any recurring symptoms apart from feeling really tired recently
Will this pass?
Any advice welcome …

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2 months ago

It happens to me all the time especially when I’m stressed.
You’ll find over time you’ll find your own work arounds.
I’ve got reminders on my phone, that helps.
A speech therapist taught me how to use other words or explain things differently. Put a few errms into sentences to let your brain catch up, stuff like that it does help.
Stress is my biggest trigger though.
Might be worth asking to see a speech therapist….it helped me out.

2 months ago

It always happens to me
Im a bit better recently since I met a bedwin friend who’s so fluent
She reminded me of ny old days so i try to speak like her
Marked some words i used to use
Besudes it was ramadan i read whole twice for first time
Felt a bit confident about my sight health in general and also speaking more currectly
Also feel a bit more wise altho i did loads of mess ups today with my anger

2 months ago

@beky , you have to bear in mind that our brain’s are having to work overtime, trying to interpret the neural messages that are being disrupted by any MS damage on our Central Nervous System (CNS).

There’s a lot more information about this issue here :-

Just try not to make the problem seem bigger than it actually is.

2 months ago

Unless I write it down somewhere, I forget all the time. I don’t always think it’s MS but more of the sheer amount of plates we have to balance. Working, bringing up munchkins, a studying etc…I do have my moments though, especially when I’m tired.
I forget names of things and words which will just then come to me either that day or randomly, changing the word works often.
I do see the funny side and my son and daughter are very patient and are always able to interpret what I mean so for now I just laugh it off 😂😂😂.

2 months ago


Yes, Brain Fog is one hell of a symptom to have.

I have it most of the time but have learnt that minimising the amount of potentially stressful situations helps with eleviating it.

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