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Black out spells

I started having visual and auditory problems in May of 2015 progressed to having memory problems extreme fatigue problems following commands it was like I was have to tell myself over and over how to do things that should just be able to do with out thought. Things significantly increased in in July 2015 to were over a 4 day span I was having multiple blackouts at which point I was hospitalized and had MRI scan that showed questionable lesions for Ms. This wasn’t the first time hearing that might be a possibility during pregnancy w my second child I began to have debilitating migraines and they did a lumbar puncture to drain off excess csf because they believed I had a pseudo tumor but came to find out that wasn’t the case but they had tested the csf and said I had positive markers for Ms. After pregnancy everything went back to normal so I didn’t follow up with neurologist. Then with that going on in 2015 they r/0 lupus and other things but the neurologist then said he didn’t believe I had Ms and never seen me after that appointment leaving me so confused.. i had began having severe memory problems. Numbness and tingling but no more black outs until 2 months after having my 3 child. With no warning signs or anything w my child in the car and black out… When coming back I had slurred speech and was very incoherent for 2 plus days and had no recollection of anything that had happened during that time. My blood pressure was fine. My blood sugar fine.. not in any meds that would cause this and no drugs or alcohol. I see a new neurologist next week but I’m scared that it will be the same as the one before no answers. I have looked over so much material for Ms and I don’t see very many people having this happen..

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7 months ago

Hi @angelalang and welcome.

There’s a bit about seizures and MS here:-

It would be worth maintaining a symptom diary, so that you are able to relate all historical events. There’s some suggestions here:-

You will need to be a bit more assertive with these medical professionals. Don’t allow yourself to be fobbed off without answers. Make them work for their money.

So assertive, but always polite. 😉

Let us know how you get on next week

7 months ago

I had blackout prior to my relapse and I was told that it was not an ms symptoms but it is I believe.

7 months ago

I’ve been diagnosed as having seizures, and my Neuro doesn’t think they’re MS although he can’t find anything else. He does agree that they could be triggered by passive smoking – you might watch out for something that triggers yours.

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