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Battered and bruised!!

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t participated in the forum since I joined although I have popped in now and again. I just felt I needed time to accept everything in my own way and to try and be positive. So for the last 2 years have been trying to come to terms with the many life changes MS has dealt me… and thought I was coping Ok? However, I seem to be falling more and more – One minute I’m upright walking fine then within seconds flat on my face! This happened twice on the half hour walk to the doctors on Monday afternoon and I was in a right mess by the time I arrived – bloodied and shaking. The nurses and the doctor were lovely – very kind and caring. They cleaned me up and after checking all my vitals ordered a taxi for me as I was too scared to walk back home. I do exercises that my physio has provided and try and keep busy but I’m now so scared of leaving the house. At what point should I consider mobility aids? I’m seeing my neuro next week – I may need to change from Tecfidera to another DMT as I am lymphopenic? My MS nurse has suggested Gilenya or Avonex but I wonder about Lemtrada – would that help me better with balance etc. Confused and miserable – sorry to be negative (I’m not usually!) and thanks for reading.
L x

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10 months ago

Hey! 🙂

I don’t have much knowledge about Lemtrada but if you feel this is something you’d like to move on to then I would talk with your MS nurse about this option. Have you had a recent MRI?

Apart from the falls, has Tec been working for you? How long has it been going on for – the balance issues?

Hope you are okay xx

10 months ago

@lynb , is it possible that you may be suffering from a bit of Foot drop ( This is the most probable cause of your stumbling. Bring this up with your Neuro.

Walking aids should be acquired when you feel it is necessary and you feel comfortable with the acquisition. A walking stick would provide you with better stability whilst out walking. A collapsible stick may me a good answer, so you have it available in case of need.

Looking at the DMDs that you mentioned, Lemtrada would seem to be the most efficacious. But, you can use this comparison tool to help you with this decision :-

As mentioned above, you really need a recent MRI scan to see exactly what’s going on. This will help your DMT decision.

10 months ago

@lightning87 – thanks for replying. I have been on Tec for 2 years with no relapse however I have had gastrointestinal problems (have been diagnosed with Colitis so not sure if Tec is the cause?) I will need to discuss alternative DMT with neuro next week as my wbc is 0.3. I think I’ll ask about Lemtrada again. Just wish I felt more confident about being outside and not tripping again. How are you getting on with Tec so far? X

10 months ago

@stumbler, thanks I will have another look at the decision aid. I do have a problem with not lifting my right foot high enough when I walk which does cause stumbling but falling flat down on my face without warning is a real downer on my confidence. I do have a foldable stick which I used occasionally but wasn’t sure if it was more of a hindrance? I will definitely be taking it with me now and will have my car for my neuro appointment so hopefully wont have to do too much walking?! Thanks again, L x

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