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Bad Headaches

Hello everyone, first time here reading everything. I have many questions but my first is I suffer very bad headaches almost everyday. Would this be from the lesions I have and if so nothing I try helps ease it is there something I am missing on this? Thank you all.

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7 months ago

@annette_marie_peltz , it would be difficult and unwise to try and diagnose your problem on this Forum.

The answer could be yes or no. MS is that unpredictable, affecting no two people alike.

It’s best to consult your medical team and let them investigate for you.

7 months ago

I would definitely talk to your doctor about the headaches to make sure it’s due to MS and not something else. There have been many times I thought a symptom was MS, but it was something else and other times I thought it wasn’t my MS, but it actually was. It’s diffcult since the symptoms could be MS or many other things usually. I had bad headaches for awhile and my neurologist prescribed amantadine. It helped a bit and finally they went away all together on their own and I haven’t had one in months. I hope you feel better.

7 months ago

Hello @annette_marie_peltz, I don’t know where you are from, but amitriptyline as a medication works very well for headaches, especially for folks with MS and it has other properties which help, aside from initially being seen as an anti depressant

7 months ago

I too suffer with headaches, and sometimes I have major stabbing pains in one side of my head that lasts for 30 seconds then just disappears. I mentioned this to my neurologist and she doesn’t think it’s MS related, more likely stress and all the different medications I am on. I hope this slightly eases your concern x

7 months ago

@milliepipkins I’ve also had the sharp stabbing pains and was told it is pretty common in patients with MS and have seen it in different MS symptoms articles.

Thank you to all for the responses! They are definitely hard to manage around due to how painful they can be. I am from BC Canada 🙂 My GP said there is nothing I can do about it as I await the Neurologist appt. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to respond to me.

4 months ago

I also suffer from DAILY headaches. My neurologist says leave them out of it! They are not MS related…who really knows. I now see a separate neurologist for my headaches which he says are migraines…not sure if I believe any of them…none of the meds seem to work…so frustrated

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