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Baclofen and pregnancy

Hello! Has anyone taken baclofen throughout their pregnancy? I came off it in order to have a baby but now I’m pregnant I am suffering so bad with leg spasms 🙁 I can’t relax or sleep and I’m at my Whitt’s end but I am scared to take it as the study numbers are so low. I don’t think I can go on like this for another 7.5 months!
Thank you 🙂


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1 month ago

Have you tryed magnesium tablets for leg spasms? I take 650mgs daily and also use the magnesium spray both for me really help with spasms

@simone2 I have actually! I’ve got a bag of 500mg tablets and I have 150mg in my prenatal. They do seem to help but I’ve only been taking half a 500mg tablet and my prenatal as I’m not sure if it can do any harm? Ohhh magnesium spray I’ve not heard of this? Are you pregnant also? I’m losing the will to live i just want To be able to relax and sleep on a night! Thank you 🙂

1 month ago

@roxanne_nicole_howarth , how about Magnesium Lotion applied topically?

Have a read through of this to see if there any suggestion which might help :-

@stumbler I have ordered some magnesium spray and got coconut water to try, but my doc just phoned back said shes spoken to ms society and they said baclofen is widely used in pregnancy and my dose is small so them and gp are happy for me to take it. I’ve ordered some leg spray and got coconut water so if I have no joy with them I will go back on it. Hopefully it’ll ease somehow! Thank you for your reply

1 month ago

It’s also early days in your pregnancy. Once your hormones really get going, the spasms might ease. Although they may return post-partum.

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