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Back pain

I’m a 45 year old from Ontario, Canada and new to the page. I was diagnosed 1 year ago but my neurologist feels I’ve had it for many years. Haven’t started MS meds yet but planning to start first line in the next month or so. I’m wondering if anyone here struggles with back pain?

I have spasticity in both legs which my RMT feels could be causative. I also had a serious ankle fracture from a year before diagnosis with surgeries. From compensation I have a spot of bad arthritis in the opposite knee. But back pain is my biggest problem right now.

My family dr has prescribed muscle relaxants which I haven’t taken often yet. Just wondering if back pain is common in MS or more likely to be related to other problems. I’d love to hear from others! Thanks

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2 years ago

Hi @kellywb and welcome.

MS could be indirectly to blame for your back pain, as could your recent accident and subsequent surgery.

Our bodies are very clever at compensating for any weaknesses. However, this compensation can put unnatural stress on other muscles and joints, leading to other problems.

It is always recommended to get an assessment from a Neuro-physio, to determine the exact problems. They can prescribe simple exercises to address any problems.

Muscle relaxants are usually prescribed to address muscle spasms. But, they are a “double-edged sword”. The correct dosage needs to be assessed. Strong enough to address the problem, without being too strong to introduce weakness from over-relaxed muscles. This assessment is usually by trial and error.

It is preferable to get the Neuro-physio assessment first, to understand the problems, before attempting treatment which may not be effective and/or introduce further problems.

2 years ago


My right arm went dead 19 months ago; completely dead – I could not move it. Every medical professional said I pinched a nerve – I kept pointing to a spot in my neck.

After the MRI, I had spine surgery; I was a temporary quadriplegiac until my wife panicked & they woke the Surgeon up to come back for my second operation.. The recovery was not unfolded as I expected so I met my surgeon.

After watching me walk, a spinal tap & brain MRI unfolded immediately. My Neurologist diagnosed PPMS – which is why I am here today… Neck, shoulders, arms, legs – all are a challenge depending upon the time of day. Yet I still walk & do everything but work or have sex. Life ain’t perfect…

If there is anything else I can share… just ask.

2 years ago

Very good advice here – just to add that you should get your vitamin D levels checked. It was this that caused my very bad back, now completely cured.

1 year ago

Many thanks for the supportive and informative responses. Obviously I’m not on here often enough! My Osteopath has found torsion in my lower back which he’s working on with some success. Love the response from this group and I’ll try to spend more time here

1 year ago

I’ve had a horrible back for years & it’s just getting worse. I know I have arthritis in my facet joints (MRI says “severe”). I’ve got some degenerative disc disease going on, and the muscles from my shoulder blades to my rear seem to be in constant pain/spasm/whatever. My neuro says could be related to MS, could not be as well. Honestly, if you can get an answer and make it better, do whatever it takes. I am so sick of my back, it dictates so much of my life. I’ve seen so many specialists, had cortisone shots (that never worked), been to PT, saw a chiropractor regularly a few years ago, tried CBD oil, acupuncture, nothing has helped & it’s worse now. But I’m not seeing anyone else about it, I’ve tried everything with the exception of regular pain medication (other than ibuprofen). I just go about my business, rest when I need to, try not to overdo it, and when it’s unbearable, I take the ibuprofen. I see my neuro for my annual appointment in a few weeks, I’ll bring it up to him again just because. Chronic pain is no joke, so I hope you can find something that works for you!

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