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I was diogosed two years ago and have since got married and we are looking at starting a family.
I’m flipping scared though! not only about the having a baby (anyone on here had one? did it take ages to conceive) but also family history. i know they keep saying ms is not hireditory but i have it,

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11 years ago

my mum has it, my husbands mum had it and his cousin had it!
would the odds be stacked against us? is it more likely that a child we have will also get ms? i don’t think i would want to bring a child into the world knowing they woukld have to deal with this too? any help??/

11 years ago

Hi Emmy,I wish I could give you advice,but I cant. I have MS too and would love children someday,and the same things does be running through my head too.Cause I know your more likely to get relapes while been pregnant.I no they say MS is not hireditory,but its still frightening.I wish you your partner the best of luck.

11 years ago

My girlfriend has MS as well as me, and we will probably be looking to start a family somewhere along the line. The chances of the baby developing MS is probably a lot higher, though i have a theory. I think it’s best to be nearer the equator (easy!?) while the baby is growing in the womb. Think it’s vital that either the mother has a higher intake of vitamin d through supplements/oily fish or/and the mother is exposed to more sunlight during pregnancy.

Anyone want to give it a try?

11 years ago

From what I’ve read, if you have MS it’s more likely that your child/ren will get it. But to put it into context, they’re still more likely to get cancer. And think, if the worst happened, who better to understand than someone who already has it. Just my view. I had my son before I knew I had MS but I still want another. Oh, and it took me about a year to conceive!

11 years ago

I’ve heard when pregnant your ms gets much better – lots of reports about it almost disappearing. Chances are, however, you get a bad relapse after giving birth apparently. So long as my baby/babies are fine and healthy I don’t care about that. My hubby and I deffo want kids in the future and like the rest of my life, I won’t let ms get in the way!!

11 years ago

I have just been diagnosed but had my first attack a few years ago. I gave birth 6 months ago and everything was fine. I asked my MS nurse about having more babies and she said it is fine. You can’t be on medication while pregnant but can start straight after delivery to prevent a relapse – as long as you don’t breastfeed. MS does seem to get better while pregnant but have a higher chance of a relapse after the birth. Hope that helps.

11 years ago

What I was told when I was diagnosed is that in England 1 in 1000 people have MS, and if you have a parent with MS your chance rises to 1 in 50. So yes, there is an increased risk but its still pretty low. Plus, there are so many promising treatments in the pipeline, who’s to say it won’t be easily treatable by the time your children grow up.
In response to djdoozer – there is a link between how close you are to the equator and chances of developing MS and from what I’ve read the important time is during puberty. In other words if you live near the equator roughly from 9 to 14 years old your risk goes down.

11 years ago

I heard you are more likely to get MS if your sister or aunt has it but a friend of mine has MS and she has 2 daughters neither of them have MS. My biggest worry is if I put off having kids now will I be too ill later as I already have an A4 page and a half of symptoms I am suffering with and need crutches most of the time now.

11 years ago

hi i was told i had ms when i was 7 months pregnant i was fine through pregnancy apart from having another preganancy problem very tiered after, babie prematurea month early and i had a 2,4 to look after, but after a while everything ok and i wouldnt have changed it for the world hope that helps

8 years ago

I’m pregnant at the moment and I’m in a wheel chair and for past 2 years have had to try fight to keep. My muscles going but few people on here have said ms gets better its TRUE!!!
If pregnancy could be a drug it would help people loads x

8 years ago

Before knowing I had MS, I fell pregnant immediately after I started trying. I had my baby and he was well and doesn’t have MS. i was also fine for a year although I was getting times when I felt dizzy in that year. Then at 13 months the double vision started and this it’s how I got my diagnoses. I am still dizzy now and it’s been 5 months but I am still thinking about having a second child. When pregnant you are less likely to have a relapse and after having baby you are more likely is what I have readthough.

8 years ago

I was pregnant with my third when I started with my symptoms, pregnancy was fine and none of my kids have ms. they say it is more likely to pass on to my daughter if any but chances are she wont get it. it is my worst nightmare tho. i have been reading dr george jelineks book, he gives good tips to help prevent your kids getting ms as adults

8 years ago

i have 3 kids, i had my first attack before my oldest was conceived although didn’t get diagnosed until after my second. i too felt great when i was pregnant despite all the normal pregnancy aches and pains. i personally feel that having the kids and breastfeeding dampened the affect of the ms, my first big attack was the worst i’ve experienced. although i know that this is normal for rrms. i had minor relapses a few months after the birth, bigger ones at around 18 months for all of them, double vision after my daughter, ON after my son, which was the attack that finally got me diagnosed and a half body attack after the last baby (right arm and leg). i didn’t have any problems conceiving. i suspect my mothers grandmother might have had ms but only based on circumstantial evidence she had 12 kids, and i don’t have any other relatives with ms. i also took d3 throughout my last pregnancy. this is standard advice now for any mum to be. i also give the older 2 d3 supplements. i take varying amounts throughout the year and i’m still breastfeeding the 20 month old to sleep. kids are always going to be hard work. i have ‘healthy’ friends who complain a lot more about the challenges of their kids than i do.

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