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6 months ago

@nutshell88 , they’re all valid researches until the results suggest that they’re not!

We live in hope.

6 months ago

I hope they find a cure @stumbler
Try to remember old me cant even do it anymore
My heart is disturbed of missing my real mind

6 months ago

I think a cure is still a long way off. It depends on your age as to whether you’ll be around for it!

FWIW – this is my take.

It may help to think of three broad phases of short, medium and long term outcomes.

What is likely for the medium term, 5-10years, is that we see drugs that actually stop and to a greater extent reverse the disease, bit are not full ‘back to the way you were’ things.

Fully halting disease progression is the short term goal. (Increasing the efficacy of the latest generation of monoclonal type antibodies – Alemtuzumab, Ocrelizumab and so on)

Mylein repair is also a medium term expectation (phase 2 trials on ALA are an example)

HSCT – stem cells are likely to become a more usual treatment in the medium term and the degree of disease and failure on DMTs that is presently required to have it is reducing as the procedure is better understood.

The route to a cure seems likely to be found down this ‘reboot’ route. However, there have been some significant pivots in the last 20y so it is possible that this may change.

Anything can happen – the drug discovery, testing and licensing process is necessarily quite lengthy so progress appears glacial.

You ought to follow the Barts MS blog.



6 months ago

Thanks for your enlightening feedback regarding to where we stand at this time

6 months ago

Nice summary @dominics – we live in hope!

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