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Anxiety making me worse

How do you cope with anxiety when going out the door? Every time I step outside anxiety kicks in and my legs stiffen up more and start to spasm. It’s making it really hard for me to go anywhere. When I step out the door the memories come flooding back of me falling over. Was never like this and finding it hard to push myself to go out the door. Anybody else had this problem? How do you overcome this problem? Would love to know your thoughts as being stuck inside is getting to me!

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3 months ago


I share your feelings completely, I too dread the thought of stepping foot outside. When I say outside I mean the garden, that’s the outside world to me now, apart from when attending appointments etc.

Sometimes even the thought and idea of even getting up off of the sofa fill me with anxiety which leads to me fearing the worst.

3 months ago

@ peterfrancis I’m exactly the same! It’s nice to know it’s not only me. I’ve tried to explain this to people but no one gets it!

3 months ago

@bennym , I feel your pain too.

I find anxiety to be totally illogical. You can look at any situation, analyse it and realise it’s not a problem. But, subconsciously, there’s a voice which shouts, “caution”!

I haven’t found an answer yet…………

But, here’s an article about the problem :-

3 months ago

I really feel for you…. I hardly go out now because I feel off my wheelchair/batec combo on a slope and ever since I realise I’m avoiding going out. What you’re experiencing is worse in that both you and @peterfrancis possibly would benefit from CBT ( cognitive behavioural therapy). Mentioned in the link by @stumbler. I find too much going on or too many people in the house very worrying as I get ms fog and can’t join in quickly. Don’t lose heart. See your GP- it’s a recognised symptom of a treatable condition.. Good Luck🍀xx

3 months ago

Ask your hospital for CBT. What you have described sounds like agoraphobia to me. Agoraphobia is popularly known as a “fear of open spaces” but it actually means the anxiety that prevents people from going out – usually brought on by something bad happening. So a person may alter their route to avoid where something has happened previously. Then maybe get worried the same thing will happen on the new route, and so on and so forth until no options are left.

I know CBT is available at my hospital – give your nurse a call and see if you can access it.

PS – I just remembered a similar thing happening to me! I had a fall, wearing a new pair of running shoes. I think it took me 6 months to wear those shoes again. And ever since I have not run or walked on that side of the road.

3 months ago

This guy is great. He’s a GP so he has a very deep understanding.

It seems you have a PTSD style problem as you say how your memories flood back. CBT could help with that when done properly.

Don’t stay in the outdoors is wonderful.

I hope you feel better!

3 months ago

Or look at it this way, if you’re too scared to step outside then how are you gonna enjoy life? No point worrying about the what if because it makes you miss out out on the what could be?

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