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8 years ago

Anger is one of the emotional stages that we go through following diagnosis and before we reach acceptance. It’s part of the “Why me?” self-questioning.


8 years ago

This isn’t something I’ve necessarily come across as such, so it might be that something else is at play, or indirectly the MS could be affecting your friend. If for example, they find certain social situations quite difficult, their reaction to this might be aggressive if they don’t know how to control or express those feelings. For me, I know that a late night social situation can be hard work because I’m usually pretty fatigued by the end of the day and so I tend to be pretty quiet, sometimes people can take this as me being grumpy or in a mood, the truth is my brain feels like mush and I can’t get any sensible words out. Maybe try talking to your friend about how they feel and how they are dealing with things, I’m sure they’d appreciate it, after all it shows you care.

8 years ago

I’ve not been aware of aggression being a symptom directly related to MS, but it can be the case that sometimes you have days where you feel like nobody else understands what you’re going through which can lead to feeling like being argumentative. Fatigue can also play a big part in misplaced aggression – it’s so easy to snap at people when youre tired. I think you should definitely talk to your friend about your concerns, you may be able to help them 🙂

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