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Advice needed pls

Hi, I was diagnosed with ms a few months back. I am 17 years old.

I get panic attacks very often where I feel like I’m in a high state. I feel disconnected from the world like I am viewing it from a screen. I hate when this happens and it lasts as long as my mind is on it. As soon as I shift my focus I forget about it.

does this happen to anyone else? should I seek help? this all came as a shock as none of my family members or anyone ever had ms and especially at a very young age, I get into these deep thoughts which lead to these attacks.

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9 months ago

It does happen to me. You have just had your life changed at the blink of an eye I would seek out help, as we can give you advice over the internet but kind words aren’t going to fix the problem. Remember you aren’t alone if you need a laugh or support my inbox is always open.

9 months ago

Furst thing you better do is stop worrying about MS
I was daignosed when I was 17 too I was at a highschool final exam when my brain decided to shut my vision
I graduated highschool uni and even studied 3 years in Scitland and volunteered ther altho I was a young woman native language is arabic new environment
But still MS can never harm us much if we became string the best we can and rejected the idea of giving up
Ive never had MS treatment and im not disabled yet im 30 years old now
And i have a job in my country saudi arabia
Next week ill have the first MS treatment
I hope you become a great resistant for any thought you have
I used to wake up frozen in bed
Or wake up thinking i fell of bed snd my body shakes
Thus one still happen at times but i learnt to sleep again instead of waking up depressed 😬

Try to avoid smoking alcohol best you can
Unhealthy food i hope you best if luck
Next week im invited into two dj parties and im going i have MIt never has me πŸ˜‰

9 months ago

Hi @shahzaib_saleem_-_rick_hansen_ss_2542 and welcome.

MS is a shock diagnosis at any age, but more so when you’re young. You now need to fight back and your main weapon will be knowledge.

You need to understand what this diagnosis actually means to you. Here is a good place to start, follow the “Newly Diagnosed” link :-

MS is not terminal. It needn’t be disabling. So, listen to your medical team. There are now a range of treatments available, more so than 10 years ago.

So, keep talking to us, about your fears and your innermost feelings and we’ll do our best to help you regain your sense of perspective.

9 months ago

Hey there, your diagnosis is so new and bewildering, it’s no wonder everything is one big muddle at the moment. It will pass, and you will start to get to grips with everything, but allow yourself time. Treat yourself well and have lots of treats. I totally understand that feeling of disconnect. I find it goes if I listen to music, or watch TV. Stay strong, and post whenever you like, we are all here and know how it feels……x

9 months ago

Ditto to Stumbler, Vixen, Nutshell and Rachchader, were always here for a moan, a cry,a celebration, a rant, whatever you want and remember there us no such thing as a silly question with ms!😍

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