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Advantages of having MS is there anymore>

There are advantages to being disabled and nearly all of them where mentioned in passing to me so you may know them already but I did make a post of them online to help others. Hope you find it useful.

So some key benefits that you may find useful whilst dealing with MS

Check your home insurance policy as MS is classed as a critical
Illness in a lot of policy’s this is an amazing burden that I got of
my chest with my flat being paid off. I was told by my insurance
company that they where amazed it took me 2 years of being diagnosed before I claimed but i just didnt know I could as I didnt feel that bad at the time.

Blue Badge – Before I got DLA I got a badge from Edinburgh Council and it cost £20 plus filling in a simple form and I got it pretty quickly. Luckily I didnt even need to do a medical. I guess you would need to contact West Lothian council for yours.

DLA (Disability Living Allowance)

Disability Living Allowance is in two parts – the care component and the mobility component. You may be able to get just one component or both.

Care component Weekly rate
Highest rate £77.45
Middle rate £51.85
Lowest rate £20.55
Mobility component Weekly rate
Higher rate £54.05
Lower rate £20.55

Potentially means you can get a mobility car

If you do get the DLA you may also be entitled to the Taxi Card & Bus pass as well as the R.A.D.A.R key see below. I just handed over proof of my DLA to get the following but you may be able to get these benefits without the need of the DLA

Taxi Card –

If you are unable to use ordinary buses you can apply for a Taxicard which entitles you to receive a discount of up to £3 on a maximum of 104 trips a year.(Another bonus with the taxi card is that you get to travel for free on the train to Edinburgh)

Bus pass – National Entitlement Card

Scotland-wide Free Bus Travel for Older and Disabled People

Scotland-wide free bus travel started on 1 April 2006 and allows you
to travel free on both local registered services and long distance bus
services within Scotland.

National Entitlement Card

To allow you to travel Scotland-wide, your new National Entitlement Card provides a standard branding helping bus drivers to recognise them easily. Over time your card may also allow you to access other local services provided by your Local Authority such as libraries and leisure centres

R.A.D.A.R key –
When you are out and about with your key and guide you can be
confident that you can locate, unlock and access a toilet facility
which meets your needs.

Disabled railcard-
1/3 off travel for you +1 (anyone can be classed as your carer so its class as you and a mate get to travel for less. its a £30 something outlay but its worth it if you travel alot

Cinema Card –
which is £5.50 and gives cheap tickets but not sure exactly –

Free gigs –

Ive not tried this yet but it looks good you go to gigs review the disability access and they reimburse your ticket expenses have a look at the website.

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7 years ago

Will check out the free gig thing. At the moment a carer (friend!) goes free to the gigs I go to, so tickets are half price for me

7 years ago

How do you get the free ticket what gigs?

7 years ago

Forgot to say that being in a wheelchair is a prerequisite! (so not an advantage for most MSers)

7 years ago

Re: the home insurance, claim what exactly? Is this for home owners or people renting with just contents insurance?

7 years ago

when you purchase a house there is an option to put critical illness insurance cover on meaning if you are killed or you have a critical illness your mortgage is paid for by the insurance company. If your diagnosed after you have purchased your house your eligible to make a claim. Many but not all insurance companies will have MS as a critical illness. If you have this cover it may be worth it to put in a claim even if your not that bad

2 months ago

@brick this is brilliant information, I wish I had seen this when I was diagnosed in July 2016! As I just found out today that I am covered for MS on my critical illness policy with Aviva. I like yourself did not know that MS is covered as a critical illness and have been surviving and able to work for the last 3 years since diagnosis. My condition has progressed and I am starting to find things and everyday life much more difficult hence In my desperation I found I have cover under this policy. However the Policy Schedule says you should claim within 26 weeks of diagnosis, I really hope I can still claim and be paid out. Who were you insured with and did they have 26 week time scale or timeframe in which you should claim after diagnosis; as you mentioned you didn’t claim until 2 years after?

2 months ago

I don’t see these as advantages rather a recognition of the needs of people with disabilities and the subsequent inequalities that are a result of disability.

Advantages seems like we are agreeing with the propaganda from this government that we are a bunch of scroungers.

Great summary of possible support available though thanks 🤗😎

2 months ago

it has given me many benefits and i dont mean financially
also ove never felt as strong and resistant as i feel with ms i dont mean muscle no i mean strong heart challenge and not much fear

2 months ago

Got my Blue Badge
Got my RADAR key (great ti have)
Critical illness paid off my mortgage.

BUT the single best thing is table service in Starbucks!

2 months ago

@strictlysoca Definitely agree that these are not advantages, but recognition of how difficult and expensive disability can be.
As a “foreigner” (Canadian who came to the UK and paid my taxes from age 17 to 47, when I became a…) “scrounger”. Lots of people who vote Tory would say that I shouldn’t be entitled to anything, in spite of the fact that I have served in the NHS for decades before I had to retire from ill-health.
I do have a Blue Badge, radar key, and PIP. And thank the insurance company that recognised MS as a critical illness and paid off my mortgage.
So in spite of the heartbreak of giving up my jobs in the NHS and the University (Clinical Psychologist and Associate Tutor), there are things for which I am still grateful.

2 months ago

Hey @drwendy you’ve got some awesome skills there. Something else will come along. Thanks for the mention 🤗😎

2 months ago

Lol, Murphy’s law at it’s best…cleared my mortgage last month, 3.5 years early… feeling pretty good with myself… NOW I find out about critical illness… C’est la vie…

The blue badge thing. I’ve applied and been turned down twice by my local London Council 😣

I’m not ‘disabled’ enough. Can walk a quarter of a mile without needing to rest!

It is a postcode lottery in London. I know people who are as able as me that has one.

London Freedom card is a godsend to me and my bank account though 😄

2 months ago

I cancelled my critical illness years ago before I got diagnosed but nevermind right 😂.
I have to say, regardless of having MS and it probably being one of reasons my ex left a few years ago, I’ve had more positives as in I’m living life abit more and just doing what’s best for me and the munchkins. I try not to dwell on the small stuff these days, been to Paris and Rome by myself, took the kids on road trips and camping and I even started uni. Turns out I’m also a dab hand at DIY and decorating lol!
Sometimes, it’s about how you live life, how strong you realise you actually are!
It’s not always about negatives, I found myself again 😊.

2 months ago

@brick there are no known advantages of having ms. There are many disadvantages. I am not sure if I understand your post.

2 months ago

Depends which way you look at it, you can either look at like the glass is half full or half empty, your choice really.

Not everyone has this bad point of view with MS, this post is about seeing the positives rather than the negatives.

2 months ago

Airports, generally fast tracked through with assistance. I’m first on the plane and last off, however, once off I always seem to overtake the other passengers especially at passports plus I get help with luggage etc.

I do use a wheelchair and I have to say since I have I always seem to get better service and help.

The blue badge is great but you always have to take care as not all councils apply it in the same way.

I use a taxi card in London but it is problematic with random service standards – I put it down to the service provider and not the taxi’s themselves.

2 months ago

There r many other advantages but I like all of these being pointed out.

MS has enabled me to step away from a stressful crappy job and do something that feeds my soul not my bank balance.

MS is also a great excuse to say no to social engagements you don’t really want to go to.

I have also found myself calmer and kinder post getting my head around MS and having it.

MS gives u a reason and excuse to indulge in self care that I for one know I wouldn’t have indulged it without this diagnosis

There r benefits to having MS let’s shout about them!!!

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